Planning & Assessment 

We strive to increase retention, create better support networks for students, be more responsive to student needs, and be a champion for students. 

Our departments include Campus LifeDisability ServicesGreek Life, Student Advocacy & Accountability, Transfer Student Programs and the William A. Brookshire Military & Veterans Student Center. We also serve as advisors for Student Government.


Transform lives by facilitating opportunities and experiences to discover, engage, and learn in a diverse, inclusive, and just community while promoting social responsibility.


Engage the LSU community in a premier learning experience  to achieve the highest standards of personal integrity and civic engagement for leadership in a global society.


  • Respect - We affirm the dignity, worth, and individuality of each person. We treat others with mutual respect and civility in all of our interactions.
  • Integrity - We honor commitments and each other striving to perform honestly, objectively, and with the highest standard of professionalism.
  • Diversity -We embrace difference by making all feel welcomed. We are intentional in ensuring that diverse perspectives and experiences are encouraged and valued.
  • Social Responsibility - We are committed to creating a community that advocates for all that is fair and just. We care about others and model being considerate and kind, while seeking to understand.
  • Trust - We foster an environment of support, openness, and collegiality, in which we work together to achieve the mission of the University.
  • Leadership - We believe leadership exists in many forms and that everyone has the capacity to lead and serve. Through facilitated experiences and opportunities, individuals can be successful now and in the future.


The priorities of our office include leadership & involvement; diversity, inclusion & cultural competence; holistic student development; and safety & security.