Links to Web Pages on Deafness and Related Topics

Strain, G.M. Deafness. English Setters on the World Wide Web Page
Strain, G.M. What is the BAER test? English Setters on the World Wide Web Page
Dalmatian Club of America - Position on Dalmatian Deafness
Dalmatian Club of America - Statement on Reducing Deafness in the Dalmatian
Gallaudet (University) Research Institute
Deaf Resources - Johns Hopkins (human)
Deaf Dogs Webring
Deaf Dogs Information
Deaf Pet Page
Deaf Dog Education Action Fund (this site misrepresents my position on euthanasia, but has good info)
Disabled Animals Club
Orthopedic Foundation for Animals - Congenital Deafness

Animal Genetics
Canine Coat Color Genetics
Color Genetics of Dog Coats
Coat and Color Variations Seen in Dalmatians (Sue MacMillan)
The English Cocker Coat: Colors and Patterns
Elementary Merle Genetics
Canine Coat Color Inheritance and Appearance (in Borzoi)
Genetics Links
Whippet Colors
Coat Color Genetics in the Labrador Retriever
Lab Coat Color
German Shepherd Color and Hereditary
Great Dane Genetics
Dachshund Colors and Patterns
The Inheritance of Coat Color in Havanese
Australian Coat Colour Basics
Catahoula Information
Canine Color Genetics Links (links for tons of breeds)
Cat/Dog Color Genetics Primers
Cat Color Genetics
Hints for Determining Cat Color (CFA)
Animal Health Trust (England) Deafness
The Dog Genome Project
Hereditary Hearing Loss Homepage
MRC Institute of Hearing Research (UK)
Inherited Diseases of Dogs - Cambridge University

Owners of Blind Dogs
Living With Blind Dogs (book)
Blind Dog Tips

Breed Organizations, Breeder Pages, and Related Sites

I am willing within reason to add sites if you notify me.

Dalmatian Organization of Houston
The American Kennel Club
AKC's Canine Health Foundation
Dalmatian Club of America
Dalmatian Club of America - Information on Dalmatian Hearing
Dalmatian Club of America Foundation
Dalmatian Rescue Resources
Dalmatian WebRing
English Setters on the World Wide Web
NetVet Veterinary Resources Home Page - Veterinary schools around the world and tons of other resources

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