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Latest Update 5/26/2020; 4:00 p.m.: Domestic Travel Information

LSU is prohibiting all international travel.

If you are returning from a country designated as a Level 3 or 4 by the CDC:

Students, faculty, and staff who are returning from any country or region that has been designated with Level 3 or 4 travel advisories are prohibited from returning to any and all university campuses, facilities, and activities during a 14-day period from the date of departure from that country, and may not return to campus unless they are asymptomatic for that period. As required by the Presidential Directive addendum to PM-13, employees and students must present a release to return to work from their personal physician or the Student Health Center.

If you are returning from a place where COVID-19 is spreading or a country designated as a Level 1 or 2 by the CDC: 

If you have returned from an area where COVID-19 is spreading, you should monitor yourself for symptoms for 14 days and take your temperature twice a day. If you develop even a mild cough or low-grade fever (i.e. a temperature of 100⁰ F or more) please stay home and self-isolate. This means avoiding close contact (six feet or nearer) with other people, including family members. We also advise contacting your healthcare provider or the local public health department and giving them details of your recent travel and symptoms. Symptomatic students can contact the LSU Student Health Center for information and assistance at 225-324-8594.

Presidential Directive


CDC Coronavirus Disease Information for Travel – 

DOS Travel Advisories –

All students currently on study abroad programs are being asked to return to the United States. Students currently in study abroad programs in countries designated with Level 3 or Level 4 travel advisories by the U.S. Department of State (DOS) or the Center for Disease Control (CDC) due to the COVID-19 outbreak should self isolate for 14 days after returning, and are prohibited from returning to campus until after the 14 day isolation period.

All international study abroad experiences going forward are canceled through August 17, 2020. 

Please refer to the LSU Academic Programs Abroad website for more information.

CDC Coronavirus Disease Information for Travel – 

DOS Travel Advisories –

Travel is limited to domestic business travel that is essential to the fundamental academic and research functions at LSU. 

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