LSU Coronavirus Updates & Information

Frequently Asked Questions

Updated: May 29, 2020; 11:15 p.m.

Visit the Information & Resources for Students webpage for answers related to Academics and Campus Resources & Support Services.

General Information

At this time, LSU intends to reopen for the fall semester and hold traditional classes on campus. It is likely, though, that things may look a little different when we do. Smaller classes may meet in larger classrooms to promote physical distancing. Larger classes may meet in spacious athletic facilities, or, in certain cases, hold lessons online. Common spaces such as the Union, the Library, and the Dining Halls may have capacity restrictions or otherwise operate differently. Student organizations may have to alter any large events they host to promote safety.

We will announce more definitive plans for the fall in the coming weeks, but in all instances, safety will be our guidepost. We will continue to follow federal and state guidelines for the prevention and testing of the virus, and will follow all CDC cleaning protocols. The health of our community is of the utmost importance and will be at the heart of all decisions we make regarding the return to campus.

Beginning March 23, 2020 at 5:00 p.m., campus will be closed. Read full message from LSU Interim President Tom Galligan.

LSU remains closed, but began Phase 1 of its reopening plan for employees on May 18.

Over the last few weeks, several issues have been reported related to Zoom and how it can be leveraged for malicious actions. Zoom has been very responsive to each of the issues raised and has worked diligently to address each issue. A complete list of changes implemented by Zoom can be found at:

Be sure to keep up with security updates by running the latest version of any product. Instructions for keeping Zoom up-to-date may be found at:

As with any product, how one utilizes that technology is just as critical as the product itself. To minimize the potential for malicious use of Zoom or other conferencing technology, it is strongly recommended that users hosting meetings through Zoom take precautions to ensure that the meeting participants:

  • Are limited to either authenticated LSU users or the meetings are password protected
  • Have their audio and video managed by the host where applicable.
  • Are muted or removed if they are a cause of disruption (intentional or unintentional).

For more information, please feel free to contact LSU ITS at

While campus is closed, all LSU events are canceled.

If anyone at LSU has concerns about being exposed to the virus, they should contact their health provider, and students may also contact the Student Health Center. Health professionals will evaluate you and determine if you need to be tested for the virus or if you need to self-quarantine. We pledge to immediately inform the campus if there are any confirmed cases of coronavirus at LSU.

Intersession and summer classes are conducted through Online coursework. 

In-person camps are cancelled for Summer 2020. Please explore any virtual camp options by viewing individual camp websites.

Yes, there have been several confirmed case of COVID-19 on campus. More information may be found on the COVID-19 Testing Results page.

If you are a member of the LSU community and your health provider has confirmed or suspects that you have COVID-19, and you would like to report these findings to LSU, please send an email to

As of April 2, 2020, the university had 30,137 students in 5,581 courses. These students pivoted to remote learning in 2 weeks. View detailed information on the Academic Data page.

Campus Operations

The LSU Cares exemption is a 15% university-funded credit applied toward intersession and the summer session tuition and fees.  

The LSU Cares Act award is a cash award from the federal government that will be paid directly to eligible students from the CARES Act funding provided to LSU by the federal government. 

More information about how LSU is Distributing LSU Cares Act awards may be found on the "Information & Resources for Students" webpage.

LSU is not able to issue refunds for fees at this time. To make services available on the first day of the semester, we have to make commitments for several months in advance and your fees go to securing those commitments, as well as covering other ongoing obligations. While students are not physically on campus, the university must still provide for faculty, counselors, and other academic support staff to continue your education as well as maintain the physical campus. There are also unanticipated costs of shifting the modes of instruction, such as information technology (e.g. ProctorU) and supplementing support staff. Many of the services students are paying for are still in operation and available, and these fee revenues enable us to keep our workforce employed and working. To keep the university functioning for you and meet the obligations of the current semester, we must utilize revenues committed at the beginning of the term. But we pledge to still provide you with the high-quality education that you deserve, from the state’s flagship university.

LSU is partially funded by the state of Louisiana and its residents through a variety of taxes. The nonresident fee is assessed in lieu of that tax support contributed by state residents. Since LSU is still providing an education to all students, uninterrupted, the nonresident fee is unchanged.

LSU is offering a 15 percent discount on tuition and fees for the majority of summer courses, including intersession. This discount applies to in-state and out-of-state students. Students interested in this promotion can find more information on the summer courses page.

LSU Online students are on a different cycle (consecutive 16-week modules) than students who take courses on a semester/intersession/summer “traditional” term basis. Programs, courses, and services are different for LSU Online students, and therefore, their costs are also different.

Campus apartments remains open, and residence hall residents remaining on campus are relocating to the apartments.

If you need to retrieve belongings from your residence hall during the stay-at-home executive order, contact to schedule an appointment.

The LSU UREC is offering a COVID-19 Extended Membership to LSU students who were full-time during the Spring 2020 semester.
Additionally, the UREC is offering
virtual GroupX classes to enjoy your favorites at home. No equipment is needed. All GroupX classes are taught by trained instructors, free to all who want to join in! (Note: you do not need to be a member to participate). Visit for more information and to see the schedule.

Beginning 3/21, the dining hall will have new hours. For more information, please see this update for students with meal plans.

For residential students, if you opt to check-out of campus housing before the semester ends, you will receive a credit based on your meal plan usage. Once you complete the Residential Life form in myLSU, you will be contacted with further information. Credits will be calculated individually. If you opt to stay on campus for the remainder of the semester, your meal plan will not be canceled and will remain available for use. In this case, no credit will be issued.

For commuter students, if you opt to cancel your commuter meal plan before the semester ends, you will receive a credit based on your meal plan usage. Please complete our online form to confirm your cancellation. You will be contacted with further information. Credits will be calculated individually. If you opt to continue using your commuter meal plan, it will remain available for use and no credit will be issued.

The LSU Student Health Center is open and committed to meeting the health and wellness needs of students with telehealth visits in the Medical Clinic, Mental Health Service, and Wellness and Health Promotion. In addition, in-person medical visits are available, by appointment only, after an initial virtual visit. For more information, visit

Beginning Thursday, March 19, the Barnes & Noble at LSU will be closed. However, online orders will be accepted and fulfilled.

The LSU Student Union is closed beginning Tuesday, March 17.

Both library buildings are closed. Online resources and limited services are available.

The UPS Store in the Union will have the mailbox space open for mail and package pick up from 9 a.m. - 11 a.m., Monday-Friday. UPS can forward letters at no charge for active mailbox holders. Packages can also be forwarded with a tracking number, address, and phone number (used for collecting payment information). Departments needing to pick up their mail and packages, if they have not elected for delivery, will be directed to River Road to pick up their mail between 11 a.m. – 12:30 p.m. If you have any questions related to student or departmental mail, please contact

Paw Points will not be rolled over to the Fall semester. Unused balances will be taken into account in the refund process. Please contact with any questions.