LSU School of Theatre Electronic Bulletin Board

LSU School of Theatre
Electronic Bulletin Board
CallBoard Listserve

The CallBoard is an email listserve which Faculty, Students, Majors, Non-majors and anyone can join. Any messages sent to the Callboard will automatically be sent to all of the members on the list.

  • Do you have a scene you are rehearsing, and would like an "audience?" Invite them via the CallBoard.
  • Do you need a designer for your next workshop? Post your need on the CallBoard.
  • Did you find some keys? Post it to the CallBoard.
  • The possibilities go on and on.

To become a member of the list, follow these simple steps:

  • Send an email to (not that "listserv ends with a "v")
  • In the body of the email message, send the following command: SUBSCRIBE CallBrd-L <Your Name Here> (Instead of <Your Name Here>, type your name without brackets i.e. Mile Tiger)

Your request will be sent to the list manager. The Manager will then activate your subscription, and then you will get a confirmation message from the list telling you how to post messages as well as how to send commands to the list like how to unsubscribe . Once you are a member of the list, any message you send to the list will be sent to everyone.