This image contains an oil rig at sea

Petrol and Neurons

The Lilly Pond and The Lab Meeting
A virtual theatre event
new plays by Vince LiCata
Presented by LSU Theatre and Andy Jordan Productions.
Directed by Andy Jordan

THE LILLY POD Can really buy your own oil rig? And why you would want to? 

THE LAB MEETING Science and sex... Can neurobiology derail love in the lab?

Performance Information

Both plays will be streaming* live on  May 1 at 1:30pm
Recording of live stream available on demand until May 16

The virtual performance can be accessed at A Youtube Live presentation of The Lilly Pond and The Lab Meeting

The crew:

Director - Andy Jordan
Writer - Vince LiCata
Technical Coordinator - Chris Corner
Executive Producer - Nick Erickson
Executive Producer - Kristin Sosnowsky

The cast:

John- Alan R. White
Danny - Henry Southwick
Annie - VIctoria Myssik

Allie - Manny Sandridge
Andrea - Tiffany Gilly-Forrer
Sam - Kaitlin Kerr