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by Naomi Iizuka.
A School of Theatre virtual production
Directed by Shannon Walsh

April 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18,


In this reimaging of Homer's Odessy, a young refugee called Anon journeys through the United States in search of his family. He encounters a wide variety of people some kind, some dangerous, and some cruel.

Tickets are available online with instructions on how to access the live performance.

a digital Program will be available online soon.

The crew:

Director - Shannon Walsh
Lighting Design - Emma Messengale
Set Design - Tara Houston
Sound Design - Sydney Hamilton
Costume Design - Brookelyn Leblanc
Prop Master John - Eddy
Vocal Coac -h Rockford Sansom
Stage Manager - Bailey Desselles

The cast:

Anon - Natheon Taylor
Nemasi - Taren Wilson
Naja - Arijana Collins
Ali/Ignacio - TBD
Ritu - Subbah Mir
Nasreen - Taylor Coffey
Calista/Nice American Daughter - Sarah Short
Mr. Yuri Mackus/Strygal - Nicholas Russo
Sewing Ladies
Senator Laius/Mr. Zyclo/Nice American Father - Grant Ray
Helen Laius/Zyclo's Pet Bird/Nice American Mother - Madeleine Roby
Pascal - Amechi Obodoechina
Belen - Yesenia Medina
Serza - Robin Talbot
Ensemble: Sewing Ladies,  Chorus of Refugees, Barflies - Makaylee Seacrest, Brianna Burgan, Madison Arceneaux, Ira Anderson, Alyssa Pacaccio, Mary Hope McDaniel, Elijah Skalinsky