Summer 2020 Diploma Ceremony Program

Friday, August 7, 2020 // 10:00 a.m.

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College of Music & Dramatic Arts - August 2020 Graduating Class

Alexandra Lee Nicholson
Theatre Studies

Rachel Morgan Omar
Theatre Design & Technology

Daniel Alexander Loving

Robert Charles Burton III
Vocal Performance

Austin Alexander Franklin

Katherynn Hamilton
Music History

Kourtney J’ailyn Holmes
Vocal Performance

Ericka Jeannine Kudry
Collaborative Piano

Yiqing Ma
Music Theory

Stuart Dameron
A Conductor's Guide to Dale Trumbore's How To Go On
Major Professor: Dr. John Dickson

Nicole Fassold
The Concurrent Prevalence of Modernism and Romanticism as Seen in the Operas Between the World Wars and Influence as an Underlying Message to Krenek’s Jonny Spelt Auf
Major Professor: Dr. Lin He

Andrian Harabaru
Transcription for Cello of the Second Violin Sonata in F Minor Op.6 by George Enesco
Major Professor: Professor Dennis Parker

Keilor Leiff Kastella
Non-thesis portfolio of specialized research and creative activity
Major Professor: Boyd Professor Willis Delony

Soyeon Seo
A Biographical Introduction of The Korean German Composer, Isang Yun and an Analysis of Eastern Folk Elements in His Lina Im Garten
Major Professor: Dr. Lin He

Niloufar Iravani
The Seven Valleys for Orchestra and A Study of Music Composition
Major Professor: Boyd Professor Dinos Constantinides

Anthony Marasco
Bendit_I/0: A System for Extending Mediated and Networked Performance Techniques to Circuit-Bent Devices
Experimental Music and Digital Media
Major Professor: Dr. Jesse Allison

 The appearance of a name in this program is presumptive evidence of graduation, but is not to be regarded as conclusive. 

 Students whose names are listed more than once in this program are receiving multiple degrees. 

 The names of some students may not be listed in this program due to the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974. 

College of Music & Dramatic Arts - Faculty and Administration

Jesse Allison Associate Professor of Experimental Music and Digital Media
Lori Bade Professor of Music, Nell S. and Boyd H. McMullan Distinguished Professor
Inessa Bazayev Manship Associate Professor of Music Theory
Stephen David Beck Professor of Composition and Electro-Acoustic Music, Derryl and Helen Haymon Professor
Hana Beloglavec Assistant Professor of Trombone
Edgar Berdahl Associate Professor of Experimental Music and Digital Media
John Bishop Instructor of Guitar
Michael Borowitz Associate Professor of Opera
Brett Boutwell Associate Professor of Musicology, William F. Swor Alumni Professor
Jason Bowers Instructor of Music Education
James Byo Director, School of Music, Professor of Music Education, Carl Prince Matthies Memorial Professor
Griffin Campbell Professor of Saxophone, J. Franklin Bayhi Alumni Professor
Jane Cassidy Professor of Music Education, Roy and Margaret Gianelloni Alumni Professor
Deborah Chodacki Associate Professor of Clarinet
Dinos Constantinides LSU Boyd Professor of Composition, Composer-in-Residence
Cliff Croomes Instructor, Assistant Director of Bands, Assistant Director of the Tiger Marching Band
Trey Davis Associate Professor, Associate Director of Choral Studies
Willis Delony LSU Boyd Professor of Piano and Jazz Studies
John Dickson Director of Choral Studies, Edward G. and Catherine M. Galante Chair of Choral Music Education, Stephanie Landry Barineau Professor of Music
Brett Dietz Associate Professor of Percussion
Mara Gibson Associate Professor of Composition
Andreas Giger Louise and Kenneth L. Kinney Professor of Opera, Professor of Musicology
Charles Goodman Visiting Assistant Professor of Tuba and Euphonium
Paul Groves Artist-in-Residence, Voice
Robert Grayson Edith K. Kirkpatrick Distinguished Professor Emeritus of Voice
Michael Gurt Paula G. Manship Distinguished Professor of Piano
Darrel Hale Associate Professor of Bassoon
Terry Patrick Harris Professional-in-Residence, Voice
Lin He Associate Professor of Violin
Laurence Hebert Director of the LSU Gospel Choir
Brandon Hendrickson Assistant Professor of Voice
Simon Holoweiko Assistant Professor, Associate Director of Bands
Blake Howe Manship Associate Professor of Musicology
Daniel Isbell Associate Professor of Music Education
Dennis Jesse Associate Professor of Voice
Kelvin Jones Assistant Director of Bands, Director of the Tiger Marching Band
Cecilia Kang Associate Professor of Clarinet
Katherine Kemler Professor of Flute, Charles and Mary Barre’ Alumni Professor
Warren Kimball Instructor of Music
Elena Lacheva Professional-in-Residence, Collaborative Piano
Espen Lilleslatten Associate Professor of Violin
Olivia Lucas Assistant Professor of Music Theory
James "Dugg" McDonough Mary Barrett Fruehan Associate Professor of Opera
Alison McFarland Associate Professor of Musicology
Sandra Moon Associate Professor of Voice
Patricia O’Neill Professor Emerita of Voice
Seth Orgel Professor of Horn
Ana Maria Otamendi Assistant Professor of Collaborative Piano
Dennis Parker Derryl and Helen Haymon Professor of Cello
Robert Peck Professor of Music Theory
Johanna Pennington Associate Professor of Oboe
Jeffrey Perry Associate Dean for Graduate Studies, Paula G. Manship Professor of Music Theory
Pamela Pike Aloysia Landry Barineau Professor of Piano Pedagogy
Carlos Riazuelo Manship Director of Orchestral Studies, Associate Professor of Conducting
Brian Shaw Associate Professor Julian and Sidney Carruth Professor of Trumpet and Jazz Studies
Loraine Sims Edith Killgore Kirkpatrick Professor of Voice
Joseph Skillen Gallante Professor of Tuba and Euphonium
Kimberly Sparr Associate Professor of Viola
Herndon Spillman Professor Emeritus Carolyn Botkin Mattax Herndon Spillman Professor of Organ Studies
Ann Marie Stanley Associate Professor of Music Education
Doug Stone Assistant Professor of Saxophone and Jazz Studies
Damon Talley Paula G. Manship Director of Bands, Associate Professor of Conducting
Matthew Vangjel Associate Professor of Trumpet
Yung-chiao Wei Professor of Double Bass
Gabriella Werries Instructor of Harp
Justin West Assistant Professor of Music Education

Jeremy Bernardoni Assistant Professor of Costume Design
Eun Jin Cho Visiting Sound Designer
Sonya Cooke Assistant Professor of Acting
John Michael Eddy Professional-In-Residence, Props Master
Nick Erickson Associate Professor of Stage Movement
Femi Euba Professor of Black Drama and Playwriting, Louise and Kenneth Kinney Professor
John Fletcher Associate Professor of Theatre History, Billy J. Harbin Professor
Tara A. Houston Assistant Professor of Scenic Design
George Judy Professor of Acting and Directing, Gresdna A. Doty Professor
Kyla Kazuschyk Associate Professor of Costume Technology
James L. Murphy Professor of Theatre Technology, Technical Director, and Production Manager
Susan Perlis Co-Head of Dance
Isaac Pletcher Assistant Professor of Film & TV
Claudio Ribeiro Professional-in-Residence, Co-Head of Dance
Rockford Sansom Assistant Professor of Voice
Alan Sikes Associate Professor of Theatre History
C. Touchet Instructor of Entertainment, Lighting, and Media Production
Kristin Sosnowsky Executive Associate Dean, College of Music & Dramatic Arts, Professor of Arts Administration
Shannon Walsh Associate Professor of Theatre History
Chris Wood Professional-In-Residence, Scenic Technology

Todd Queen Dean, College of Music & Dramatic Arts
Kristin Sosnowsky Executive Associate Dean, College of Music & Dramatic Arts
James Byo Director, School of Music
Jeffrey Perry Associate Dean for Graduate Studies, Paula G. Manship Professor of Music Theory
Ruth Alise Front Office Manager, School of Music
Josh Allred Theatre Recruiter, Office of Student Success
Doris Butler Business Officer, School of Music
Leonce Clement Creative Coordinator
Kara Duplantier Business Manager, Department of Bands
Melissa Fay Business Manager, School of Theatre
Paloma Gonzalez Student Services Coordinator
Zachary Hazelwood Director of Operations
William Kelley Audio Engineer
Stephen Koivisto Instrument Repair Technician
Ali Leonard Opera Production Coordinator
Tim Love Executive Assistant, Dean's Office
Alexia Perez Music Recruiter, Office of Student Success
Ferris Peters Front Office Coordinator, Theatre
Joe Rush Piano Technician
Cullen Sadler Marketing Coordinator
Amy Smith Interim Assistant Dean, Office of Student Success
Vastine Stabler Managing Artistic Director, Swine Palace
Amy Trahan Business Manager, School of Music