Music Education

The Music Education Program at the LSU School of Music is among the most highly regarded in the nation. Situated in a long tradition of excellence, the program combines an outstanding faculty of music education specialists with the artistry of performing musicians and conductors, the scholarship of music theorists and historians, a strong liberal arts component, and a consistently high-quality body of undergraduate and graduate students. The program features: 

100% job placement after graduation. BME and MM alumni teach in public, charter, and private schools across Louisiana and around the country. PhD graduates have been appointed to tenure-track positions at top institutions such as the University of South Carolina, Florida State University, University of Utah, University of Washington, University of Tennessee, University of North Carolina, Louisiana State University, and more. We invest in our students at the individual level, helping them to develop and meet their goals. When our students succeed, we succeed.
Immersive, field-based, and community-focused learning. Undergraduate students receive on-the-ground training with K–12 music students starting from their very first year in the program. They work extensively in the greater Baton Rouge community, learning and refining the basic techniques of teaching while also helping to expand access to high-quality music education.
Scholarship that makes an impact. Music Education faculty, with their active and wide-ranging research portfolios, seek to satisfy the practical needs of preservice and inservice teachers while leading the music teaching culture forward. We pride ourselves in the synergistic relationship of research and practice, one that provides a solid foundation for the year to year, day to day, and moment to moment decision-making inherent in music teaching.
Exceptional training in musicianship and performance. Prepared by world-class voice and instrumental applied faculty, and through participation in the nationally and internationally renowned bands, choirs, and orchestras in the LSU School of Music, music education majors are taught to perform at the highest levels. 

Music Education degree offerings include:

  • Bachelor of Music Education
  • Master of Music in Music Education
  • PhD in Music Education
  • PhD in Music Education with an emphasis in Piano Pedagogy
  • Alternative Teacher Certification 

For more information about LSU’s Music Education Program, please contact Dr. Ann Marie Stanley, Area Coordinator.


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Jason Bowers

Dr. Jason Bowers

Instructor of Music Education

James Byo

Dr. James Byo

Director of the School of Music 

Carl Prince Matthies Memorial Professor of Music Education

Jane Cassidy

Dr. Jane Cassidy

Senior Vice Provost

Roy & Margaret Gianelloni Alumni Professor of Music Education

Daniel Isbell

Dr. Daniel Isbell

Associate Professor of Music Education

Ann Marie Stanley

Dr. Ann Marie Stanley

Associate Professor of Music Education

Area Coordinator

Justin West

Dr. Justin West

Assistant Professor of Music Education