photo: hazelwoodZachary Hazelwood

Director of Operations
Events Manager

102 School of Music
Louisiana State University
Baton Rouge, LA 70803-2504

P: 225-578-3325

Dr. Zachary Hazelwood is the Director of Operations for the College of Music & Dramatic Arts at Louisiana State University, where he oversees events, information technology, buildings, property, and systems management.

HIs research interests include metaphorical use of energy as a descriptor for musical gestures, especially as it relates to film music. In his dissertation, “Music, Action, and Narrative in Film: An Energetic and Gestural Approach to Film Music Analysis,” he describes several energetic models to link action and narrative events to musical gestures in film music. He has presented his film music and energetic analysis research throughout the United States. He is also interested in compositional theories of music, particularly those of Arnold Schoenberg and Paul Hindemith. Dr. Hazelwood is also a successful composer. He has written a variety of orchestral, chamber, and solo works of various styles with performances by professional artists and university ensembles.

Additionally, Dr. Hazelwood regularly teaches undergraduate and graduate courses in the School of Music, primarily in the areas of music theory, composition, and general music studies. He holds degrees from Louisiana State University (PhD in Music Theory, 2014), the University of South Carolina (M.M. in Music Theory, 2009), and Jacksonville State University (BA in Music Education, 2007).