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LSU Music In Chile

In May 2014, doctoral student Kelvin D. Jones and master’s student Colin Caldarera traveled to Concepción, Chile as part of LSU’s Teach in Chile Experience. They joined a group of 20 other LSU students who for three weeks were immersed in Chilean culture while observing and teaching in a K-12, English-as-a-second-language school. Chileans are known for their kindness and hospitality. Kelvin and Colin experienced this first-hand with their host families. The expectation in the homes was that the Americans speak English with the children.

At Colegio Concepción San Pedro, a K-12 school, Colin and Kelvin observed music being taught, taught music themselves, and performed on instruments in participant-observer roles and in teaching demonstrations. At Colegio the instrumental music program centers on performance of music of the vernacular. Students in the popular music ensemble (drum set, bass guitar, acoustic and electric guitar, the kenna, recorder, vocals, and lots of amplification) learn music by imitation, thus they have highly developed aural skills. Their teacher leads by example; he dazzles with his prowess on the guitar. The experience persuaded Colin and Kelvin to view music education not solely through the classically trained musician lens.

The Music Education Program is pleased to offer this exciting cultural exchange with the people and children of Chile, and has continued to send select students to represent LSU in South America. More information about the Teach in Chile Experience is available from the Office of International Programs.

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