Music Education Overview

The Music Education Program at the LSU School of Music is among the most highly regarded in the nation. Situated in a long tradition of excellence, the program combines an outstanding faculty of music education specialists with the artistry of performing musicians and conductors, the scholarship of music theorists and historians, a strong liberal arts component, and a consistently high-quality body of undergraduate and graduate students.

The program in music education is known for its comprehensive, field-based curriculum, an outstanding record of accomplishment by its graduates, and the research expertise of its faculty—expertise that satisfies the practical needs of pre-service and in-service teachers while leading the music teaching “culture” forward. We pride ourselves in the synergistic relationship of research and practice, one that provides a solid foundation for the year to year, day to day, and moment to moment decision-making inherent in music teaching.

Music Education Degrees

For more information about LSU’s Music Education Program, please contact Dr. Ann Marie Stanley, Area Coordinator.

Music Education Faculty

Learn about faculty members in the music education concentration.

NAfME: The National Association for Music Education

NAfME: The National Association for Music Education is the professional organization for music educators. As a collegiate member of NAfME, you have opportunities to network with active music educators, discover new teaching methods and techniques, attend workshops and clinics, foster collegial relationships with fellow students, and participate in activities that will prepare you for your career. Collegiate NAfME members have networking opportunities which play a significant role in getting job interviews, landing jobs, and succeeding in their careers as music educators.

Anyone interested in music education is welcome to join the LSU Collegiate Chapter of NAfME. Meetings are held once a month and focus on topics such as professional development, advancements and innovations in music education, insights into the professional world, and leadership skills.

Visit the NAfME National Website