Admissions FAQ

Where do I apply for the LSU School of Music?

After you apply for LSU, you can access your LSU Admissions Portal and submit an application to the LSU School of Music.

Do I have to audition?

You must pass an audition to be considered for admission into the LSU School of Music.

Do I have to audition if I plan to interview for composition or music education?

If you are interested in applying for our Music Education or Composition programs, you must pass an audition on your primary instrument AND successfully pass your interview.

Do I have to audition if I want to minor in music?

You must audition if you plan to take applied lessons. If you do not plan to take applied lessons for the minor, then you will need to meet with the faculty member in your area of interest to discuss your preparedness to enter the minor. Students seeking a minor may either audition during the one of the official audition days or during the first week of classes.

I just want to participate in an ensemble. Do I have to go to one of the audition days?

If you are only interested in participating in an ensemble, you do not need to attend one of the audition days. Ensemble auditions are held during the first week of classes.

Can I send a recording of my audition since I’m out of state?

If you are unable to audition live, you may submit a recorded audition. The recording MUST be a video and should be submitted via your myLSU application portal. You will also need to indicate this in your application to the LSU School of Music.

Do you have an instrument I can use for my audition?

Wind and strings players are expected to bring their own instruments. Piano and percussion players will have instruments provided. If you need to borrow an instrument, please contact us as far in advance as possible at:

What materials should I prepare for my audition?

Please refer to the Undergraduate Audition Requirements for your area of interest.

I can’t make any of the audition dates listed. When can I audition?

To request an alternative date, please contact the faculty member for your area of interest. You will also need to indicate this in your application to the LSU School of Music.

I wanted to pursue a B.M. but got accepted as a B.A. instead. What does this mean?

Being accepted as a B.A. only means that the faculty area felt that you were not yet ready to enter the performance cirriculua. The Bachelor of Arts in Music degree is a viable alternative for those students who prefer a more flexible and less intensive music curriculum than is possible under the Bachelor of Music Education or Bachelor of Music.

When will I find out the audition results?

Result letters will be sent out in March.

Will I get any scholarships? What are the criteria they are based on? When will scholarship offers be released?

Music scholarships are awarded based on the quality of your audition. These decisions are made by the respective faculty member(s), typically made by March 1st. It is recommended that you complete your audition and/or interview before that date to be considered for all possible scholarship opportunities.

What if the School of Music accepts me but LSU doesn’t?

You need to be both accepted to LSU and the School of Music to be a music major. You may appeal your denial to LSU Admissions.

Can I double major?

Students who want to double major in a field outside of music should elect for the B.A. in music with no concentration. Students who want to double major with dual music degrees should review the appropriate degree plans and contact their academic advisor for more information.