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Recital Planning

Due to COVID-related health and safety guidelines, recital policies are currently amended from what is listed on this page.

To view the most up-to-date version of facility use policies, please visit the Faculty Resources page and click the Recital Hall Protocols link, located in the "Planning" section.

Student Recital Scheduling Policies

The School of Music Recital Hall is used for a wide variety of events. Following the guidelines for scheduling rehearsals and recitals will avoid last-minute crises. Guidelines and forms are only available online on this page. All School of Music recitals must be recorded by the School of Music recording staff. All School of Music recital programs must be printed in the standard format by staff from the School of Music. A non-refundable fee of $75.00 is charged to students for recitals occurring in the Recital Hall. 

Some restrictions apply to student recital dates, times and locations.

  • Student recitals must occur in the School of Music Recital Hall unless approved by the administration (organ recitals occur at locations other than the School of Music).
  • Student recitals may not be scheduled during the Concentrated Study Period, Final Exams, or on University holidays. Student recitals may not be scheduled on Saturdays. Sunday recital slots are available for recitals only during the peak month of April.
  • Recital and Dress Rehearsal Scheduling: Due to current health and safety guidelines, timeslots are restricted to Monday – Friday at 4:00 pm, 5:30 pm or 7:30 pm. There is a strict 60-minute limit on recital length and dress rehearsal time.


  1. Register for the appropriate course number and the correct number of hours. You may not reserve a recital date without proof of registration and fee payment. Submit a copy of your schedule with your recital request. Recital requests will not be considered without the appropriate documentation. This is required for degree and non-degree recitals.
  2. The School of Music provides a staff collaborative pianist for Doctoral Solo Recitals. Therefore, the collaborative pianist’s signature is required for Doctoral Solo Recitals only. All other collaborative services are the financial responsibility of the student.
  3. Check the dates of events on the School of Music Planning CalendarRecital date requests should avoid any conflict with major ensemble and faculty performances. Check the dates of events outside the School of Music such as the Louisiana Sinfonietta, Baton Rouge Symphony, or Acadiana Symphony.
  4. Check dates with your collaborative pianist, applied teacher and ensemble members. When you schedule your recital and dress rehearsal, we will assume that you have made sure that your applied teacher and collaborative pianist are available to attend your chosen dates.
  5. Set up an appointment with Bill Kelley via the Recital Scheduling Appointment Calendar
  6. Meet with Bill Kelley and your recital and dress rehearsal will be entered onto the calendar as you meet together. E-mail confirmation of the recital date will be sent to the performer, applied teacher, collaborative pianist, and any identified ensemble members. Priority for scheduling recital requests is on a first-come first-served basis for all recitals.
  7. Dress rehearsals will be scheduled at the same time the performance date is set.
  8. Once a recital date is set, it will not be changed except in a medical emergency. Documentation will be required (i.e. physician’s note). Rescheduling will require approval by the Director of the School of Music in consultation with the applied instructor.


Registration for the Fall semester is as follows:

Graduate & undergraduate student (Degree-required recitals): M-F during the first two weeks of classes.
Graduate & undergraduate student (Non-required recitals): M-F during the third week of classes.
No Fall semester student recitals will be scheduled after the third week of classes.

Registration for the Spring semester is as follows:

Graduate & undergraduate student (Degree-required recitals): M-F during the first two weeks of classes.
Graduate & undergraduate student (Non-required recitals): M-F during the third week of classes.
No Spring semester student recitals will be scheduled after the third week of classes.


Staff support (e.g., recording services and programs) is only provided for degree-required recitals.

Submit materials for your recital program to no later than THREE weeks prior to the performance date. It is the responsibility of the student to get approval from the supervising faculty member on the program prior to submitting it for printing. If the program is in good shape (or only in need of minor edits to be consistent with the style guide), the program will be printed.  Otherwise, a draft with the changes will be sent to the student for final approval before printing. Note that programs are printed five (5) business days prior to the recital date. Incomplete programs or those not finalized due to the Music Programs Team receiving it after the deadline will only include the student’s name, date, time, and venue information.

The program should include your name, date / time / place of your recital, your studio professor’s name, your degree program, program order (including intermission), titles of works, composers with their dates, all movements being performed, all personnel (including your collaborative pianist), all diacritical marks for other languages, and any other appropriate information. Creation and printing of program notes is the responsibility of the student. The creation and printing of any supplementary program notes is the responsibility of the student.

Students MUST use programs prepared by the School of Music. Programs are official University documents. In addition to serving as a program for the recital, these documents are stored in archives to provide permanent records of School of Music activities and are used to confirm accredidation with the National Association of Schools of Music (NASM). It is important that these documents be uniform and professional in appearance.

If you have questions related to the program, please first consult the Style Guide.  If you still have questions, please contact the Music Programs Team at



Receptions are not allowed due to current health and safety guidelines.