Graduate Certificate in Archival Studies

LSU Online

The Graduate Certificate in Archival Studies (CARST) program is available through LSU Online.

About the Program

Archivists systematically identify, select, protect, organize, describe, preserve, and make archival materials available to users—that is, society’s records and documents broadly defined, regardless of form or medium. Archivists preserve and transmit our cultural and social heritage, protect the legal rights of individuals and institutions, and aid citizens in holding their governments and other organizations accountable.

The Graduate Certificate in Archival Studies (CARST) is designed to give students a solid grounding in the core knowledge of the archival profession. The curriculum meets the Society of American Archivists (SAA) Guidelines for a Graduate Program in Archival Studies (GPAS), ensuring that students will be competitive for jobs in a range of institutions possessing archival collections. Specifically, graduates will meet the following learning objectives:

Demonstrate an understanding of archival theory, practice, methodology, history and scholarship.
Demonstrate critical thinking and decision-making skills related to all forms of records in the context of business, government, public needs, scientific research, or the protection of cultural heritage.
Understand the ethical and legal dimensions of archival work, including professional and social responsibilities for serving diverse groups and the public good.
Ability to manage and preserve authentic and trustworthy records, as well as relevant materials, regardless of format.
This is the only archival studies program in Louisiana, outside of the Masters in Library & Information Science (MLIS).

This is an entirely asynchronous online certificate.

Student Profile

The certificate program is designed for individuals who already possess a graduate degree or are currently pursuing a graduate degree, and wish to pursue an archival career. Students who complete the certificate will be qualified to take the Academy of Certified Archivists (ACA) Certification Exam for full or provisional certification.

Course Requirements

Two required courses (6 hours):

  • LIS 7408 Introduction to Archival Theory, Principles & Practice
  • LIS 7704 Archival Arrangement & Description

Complete one of the following (3 hours):

  • LIS 7504 Preservation Management of Physical Records
  • LIS 7505 Digital Curation
  • LIS 7506 Preservation & Digitization of Audiovisual Materials

Complete two of the following electives (6 hours):

  • LIS 7410 Digital Libraries
  • LIS 7504 Preservation Management of Physical Records
  • LIS 7505 Digital Curation
  • LIS 7506 Preservation & Digitization of Audiovisual Materials
  • LIS 7510 Website Design and Management
  • LIS 7604 Principles of Records Management
  • LIS 7702 Seminar in Advanced Archival Appraisal
  • LIS 7705 Introduction to Museum Management
  • LIS 7808 Special Topics in LIS (when appropriate)
  • LIS 7900 Internship in Library & Information Science
  • LIS 7909 Directed Independent Study


Admission to the certificate program requires a previous graduate degree –OR— concurrent enrollment in a graduate degree program. Applicants must also meet the requirements for admission listed for the Master’s of Library & Information Science Program. Students should apply through the LSU Graduate School.

Tuition and Fees

The CARST is offered in an entirely asynchronous online format. The certificate is classified as a traditional, on-campus program, not an LSU Online program.  It is listed under on-campus programs, not LSU online programs. Tuition and fees are those charged for on-campus programs, not LSU Online programs. Tuition and fee information can be found at Tuition and Fees. All non-residents of Louisiana will be charged the non-resident fee.

Scholarships and Financial Aid

In addition to the scholarships and financial aid opportunities described at SLIS Awards and Scholarships, students are eligible for scholarships from regional and national archival organizations.  

Dual Degree

MLIS students may also earn the Graduate Certificate in Archival Studies by submitting the Request for Dual Degree. All certificate courses will apply to the MLIS degree.


Dr. Edward Benoit, III 






Applications are submitted through the online application portal located on the Graduate School's website.