LSU Library and Information Science Alumna Engages Students with Careers in Federal Libraries


Each year, LSU School of Library and Information Science, or SLIS, alumna Nancy Faget collaborates with a student in the school to gain experience in the field. This year, Kristen Cassidy, a graduate student working on her masters in Library & Information Science, or LIS, helped organize a seminar on “Careers in Federal Libraries” at the annual American Library Association conference.

Faget received a BS in Marketing in 1982 and a Master’s in Library & Information Science in 1998, both from LSU.

“LSU educated many Fagets throughout the years,” said Faget. “The schools and faculty are first class, and many in my family received an excellent education. My degrees from LSU opened doors for me. I hope working with an LSU SLIS student each year will help open doors for them.”                 

“Careers in Federal Libraries” was presented in Anaheim, Calif. by federal librarians from agencies such as the Congressional Research Service, the General Services Administration and the Department of Homeland Security. The seminar highlighted eight speakers who shared information about their federal library positions and about current career and internship opportunities in the field.

“As a federal employee, I’ve been able to help decision makers who are planning for our nation’s future,” said Faget. “It’s exciting to see what you write appear in Congressional testimony.”

Faget currently works at the Army Research Laboratory, or ARL, as a Branch Chief overseeing the Information Resources Center. Faget and her staff work to edit and publish technical reports and provide a host of information services to the scientific technical community at ARL.

“From a student’s perspective, I think federal libraries tend to get overshadowed by other LIS specializations,” said Cassidy, a native of Pottstown, Penn. “Many students are unaware of the variety of positions available at the federal level, and that these positions tend to be some of the most unique and highest paying in our profession.”

The School of Library & Information Science provides the only accredited master of library & information science degree program in Louisiana. It prepares qualified individuals for positions of responsibility in public and private libraries, archives and other information organizations that provide a variety of services to their communities and contribute to the advancement of knowledge in these fields.

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