SLIS graduate student Ned Denby spent summer interning with the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Library & Archives in Cleveland, Ohio


LSU School of Library & Information Sciences graduate student Ned Denby spent the summer as an archive intern for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Library and Archives in Cleveland, Ohio. The Library and Archives is the most comprehensive repository of materials relating to the history of rock and roll. She worked in various aspects of the field, from processing and organizing collections to cataloging and digitization.

The general purpose of an archive, in addition to storing and conserving records, is to organize and describe them in a way that makes the materials easy to locate and use, particularly for researchers. Processing can also help with preservation through organization or finding delicate, damaged items for repair.


Denby has undergraduate degrees in microbiology and philosophy, both from LSU. She is interested in digitization and maintenance of digital archives. One of Denby’s tasks was to create finding aids to organize collections. Finding aids give a general overview of the collection, list the items or folders in a collection, and say where the items are in the collection.

“In general, I think an archives degree is about learning how to preserve information and artifacts so that they can be accessed by as many people as possible for as long as possible. There's also an emphasis on letting people know what a collection actually contains so that they can learn more about their community in a new way,” said Denby.


The purpose of the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Library and Archives is to collect, preserve, and provide access to these resources for scholars, educators, students, journalists, and the general public in order to broaden awareness and understating of rock and roll, its roots, and its impact on society, a mission that resonated with Denby.


“My experience at LSU led me to this internship, and also good opportunities for volunteer work and activism, which I want to do more of,” said Denby. “Honestly I just applied on a total whim. I've been listening to KLSU since high school and I really love music, and I thought I might get to work with some awesome pieces of music history, which I did.”


“I definitely want to be an audiovisual archivist and I wouldn't really have known that if I hadn't had this experience. It taught me a lot about what it's like to put theory into practice,” said Denby.

Internships are encouraged by SLIS to see principles in practice. In today’s information environment, opportunities extend beyond the traditional library environment. To meet these needs, a student in the School of Library & Information Sciences can focus their studies in Archive Specialization. Louisiana State University is one of four collaborative universities that offers a high quality, diverse archives education.


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