2018 Summer Courses

Are you interested in enrolling in a summer course in 2018? The School of Library & Information Science offers several courses for undergraduate and graduate students. The majority of SLIS summer courses are offered fully online with an additional course offered in a one-week intensive session. Consider enrolling in one of the following classes offered:

Undergraduate Course Offerings

  • LIS 1001 Library Research Methods and Materials (1): Fundamentals of college-level research; location, evaluation and use of information for research needs; introduction to the library and to the organization, access and retrieval of information; hands-on experience in a variety of printed and electronic resources.

Graduate Course Offerings  

  • LIS 7000 Information and Society (3) Information as a concept, and its uses and meanings in contemporary global society.

  • LIS 7002: Information Resources (3) Preparation for reference services; including the reference interview; selection and use of general, scholarly and specialized reference resources in various subject fields.

  • LIS 7008: Information Technologies and Systems (3) Introduction to hardware, software, telecommunications and networks, and system issues relating to information technologies.

  • LIS 7010: Organization of Information (3) Concepts and principles of information organization; methods and tools used for organizing information, including bibliographic control and metadata creation.

  • LIS 7011: Information Needs and Information Seeking (3) User-centered approaches to meeting information needs of individuals and communities; community analysis, user studies and user-centered design of services and resources.

  • LIS 7503: Information Technology and Public Policy (3) Examines the impact of information technology and public policies on economic, social and political systems; focuses on major public policies related to information technologies within the United States and selected countries.

  • LIS 7506: Preservation and Digitization of Audiovisual Materials (3) Introduction to the concepts and basic techniques for preservation and digitization of moving image and recorded audio materials.

  • LIS 7800 The Art and Practice of Library Storytelling** (3) Role of storytelling as a form of communication; preparation and presentation of stories for all age groups; planning story programs.


       ** Course is not offered online. LIS 7800 is a one-week intensive session.