Competitive Intelligence, Storytelling, Information & Society - Enroll Now for Summer Courses

Are you looking for a summer course? The School of Library and Information Science offers several courses during summer. The majority of SLIS summer courses are offered fully online with an additional course offered in a one-week intensive session. Consider enrolling in one of the following three credit courses:

100% Web-based Courses:

LIS 7000: Information & Society

Understand the development of the information society

Understand how information interacts with modern society

Information holds a critical place in contemporary global society through its creation, dissemination and consumption. This course focuses on understanding the development of the information society, and how information interacts with modern society. We will examine issues such as information access, power, censorship, intellectual property, privacy, democracy, and social networks highlighting their interconnectedness.

More information: contact Dr. Ed Benoit, 


LIS 7008: Information Technologies & Systems

Learn to be IT savvy and how to design a website

Introduction to basic information technology knowledge and skills

An entry-level IT course, oriented to all graduate students who want to be IT savvy. This course introduces the students to basic information technology knowledge and skills in today's Internet environment:

  • basic computer and networking issues relating to information technologies used in information agencies,
  • basic Web design technologies, such as HTML, XML, CSS, Javascript, Multimedia,
  • basic database design techniques,
  • basic information system specification and implementation issues,
  • basic information retrieval techniques,
  • basic information security issues.

The course project is to design a website for a real or fictitious organization by integrating all the knowledge and skills learned in the class.

More information: contact Dr. Yejun Wu, 


LIS 7911: Competitive Intelligence

Demystifying what CI is

Expounding why CI is important for all organizations

Coaching you on how to conduct CI 

The course trains students on how to collect and analyze information about competitors and competitive environment.

More information: contact Dr. Tao Jin,


One-week intensive

LIS 7800: The Art & Practice of Storytelling

June 6 - 10, 8:30 a.m. - 5:30 p.m. and July 16, 11 a.m. - 1 p.m.

Select, prepare & present stories

Develop public speaking skills

Storytelling as cultural communication; select, prepare and present stories for all age groups; develop public speaking abilities; storytelling in education and in marketing.

More information: contact Dr. Suzanne Stauffer,