Teaching Metaliteracy in a Post-Truth World

The School of Library & Information Science is pleased to host Trudi Jacobson (MLS, MA) and Thomas P. Mackey (Ph.D.) as speakers in the College of Human Sciences and Education Quality of Life lecture series.

This presentation will introduce metaliteracy and its critical role in a post-truth world. Metaliteracy enables learners to make sense of the vast amount of information in the world of social media, preparing them to challenge and reject fabrications. Ideas will be presented for incorporating discipline-based teaching of metaliteracy, from the development of metmaliteracy learning outcomes to the design of collaborative teaching and learning opportunities. Participants will gain insights into how to promote metaliterate learning through the lifespan.

Trudi E. Jacobson, MLS, MA is Distinguished Librarian and head of the Information Literacy Department at the University of Albany, SUNY.

Thomas P. Mackey, PhD is Professor of Humanities and The Arts in the Department of Literature, Communication and Cultural Studies at SUNY Empire State College.

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