Textbooks Fall 2018

While the LSU Bookstore does attempt to have books available for all courses, students may purchase books through any outlet or vendor. Books published by professional associations (ALA, ARMA, SAA) might be available at a lower cost through the association's website.

No Textbook: All materials for the class are provided by the instructor.

Required: The text will be needed to complete class discussions, assignments and projects. Students must have access to the text to complete the course.

Recommended: The text is not necessary to complete course work, but may offer additional perspectives and insights.

1001, Library Research Methods and Materials (Barry) No Textbook

2000, Introduction to Information & Society (Benoit) No Textbook

3000, Libraries in the Information Age (Macaiodh)
Keeler, Hali R. Foundations of Library Services: An Introduction for Support Staff. Rowman & Littlefield, 2015. 978-1- 44225-641-5 Required

3002, Introduction to Library Public Services (Bell)
Evans, G. Edward and Carter, Thomas L. Introduction to Library Public Services. Libraries Unlimited, 2013, 7th edition. 978-2-59158-595-4 Required 

7000, Information & Society (Stauffer)
Feather, John P. The Information Society: A Study of Continuity and Change. Facet, 2013, 6th edition. 978-1-85604-818-7 Required
Alexie, Sherman. The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian. Little, Brown. Any printing. 978-0-31601-369-7 Required
Turabian, Kate L. A Manual for Writers of Research Papers, Theses, and Dissertations. University of Chicago Press, 2013, 8th edition. 978-0-22681-637-1 Required 

7004, Management of Information Organizations (Jin)
Moran, B., Stueart, R., & Morner, C. (2013). Library and Information Center Management. Libraries Unlimited, 2013, 8th edition. 978-1-59884-988-2 Required

7008, Information Technologies and Systems (Yang)
Vermaat, Misty, Sebok, Susan L., Freund, Steven M., Campbell, Jennifer T., and Frydenberg, Mark E. Discovering Computers 2016: Tools, Apps, Devices, and the Impact of Technology. Cengage Learning, 2016. 978-1-30539-185-7 Required, or:
Vermaat, Misty, Sebok, Susan L., Freund, Steven M., Campbell, Jennifer T., and Frydenberg, Mark E. Discovering Computers 2018: Digital Technology, Data, and Devices. Course Technology. 978-1-33728-510-0 Optional instead of the above.

Huddleston, R. HTML, XHTML, and CSS: Your Visual Blueprint for Designing Effective Web Pages. Wiley, 2008. 978-0-47027-436-1 Required

7009, Understanding Research (Ju)
Schutt, Russell K. Investigating the Social World: The Process and Practice of Research.  SAGE Publications, 2014, 8th edition. 978-1-48335-067-7 Required

7010, Organization of Information (Stewart) No textbook

7011, Information Needs and Information Seeking (Wu)
Case, Donald O. and Given, Lisa M. Looking for Information: A Survey of Research on Information Seeking, Needs and Behavior. Emerald, 2016, 4th Edition. ISBN: 978-1-78560-968-8 Required

7100, Youth Services Librarianship (Stauffer)
Fasick, Adele M. and Holt, Leslie E. Managing Children’s Services in the Public Library. Libraries Unlimited, 2012, 4th edition. 978-1-61069-100-0 Required
Ludwig, Sarah. Starting from Scratch: Building a Teen Library Program. Libraries Unlimited, 2011. 978-1-59884-607-2 Optional

7205, Business Information Resources (Diamond)
Ross, Celia. Making Sense of Business Reference. American Library Association, 2012. 978-0-83891-084-9 Required

The second required text will be a free e-book. Details will be provided by the instructor.

7400, School Library Management (Cantey) No Textbook

7401, Academic Libraries (Stewart)
Gilman, Todd. Academic Librarianship Today. Rowman & Littlefield, 2017. 978-1-44227-875-2 Required

7403, Special Libraries and Information Centers (Jin) No Textbook

7408, Introduction to Archival Theory, Principles & Practice
O'Toole, James M. and Cox, Richard J. Understanding Archives and Manuscripts (Archival Fundamentals Series II). Society of American Archivists, 2006. 978-1-93166-620-6 Required

7410, Digital Libraries (Wu)
Banerjee, Kyle & Reese, Terry. Building Digital Libraries. Neal Schuman, 2018, Second Edition. 978-1-55570-617-3 Required
Lesk, Michael. Understanding Digital Libraries. Morgan Kaufmann, 2004, 2nd edition. 978-1-55860-924-2 Required

7505, Introduction to Digital Curation (Yang)
Harvey, Ross. Digital Curation: A How-to-do-it Manual. Neal-Schuman, 2010, 1st edition. 978-1-55570-694-4 Required

7704, Archival Arrangement & Description (Benoit) No Textbook

7808 – 1, Special Topics in Library & Information Science: Information Governance (Jin) 
The required text will be a free e-book. Details will be provided by the instructor.

7808 – 2, Special Topics in Library & Information Science: Information Architecture (Ju)
Rosenfeld, Louis; Morville, Peter and Arango, Jorge. Information Architecture: For the Web and Beyond, O’Reilly, 2015, 4th edition. 978-1-49191-168-6 Required.