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Graduate Assistant Travel Award Program

Program Details

The School of Leadership and Human Resource Development (SLHRD) offers a travel award which provides reimbursement of approved travel expenses to qualified Graduate Assistants who attend professional conference to present the results of their research or to assist a SLHRD faculty member in presenting research. Attendance alone is not sufficient. Conferences must be widely recognized; university-sponsored events do not qualify. The award will be a reimbursement after both travel and an Expense Report have been completed.

The current allotments for these awards are:

  • $200 for in-state travel
  • $350 for out-of-state travel
  • $500 for international travel

Students are eligible to receive the following number of Graduate Assistant Travel Awards:

  • Master’s Degree students – One award during a fiscal year (July-June) with no more than two during their Master’s degree progression.
  • Doctoral Students – One award during a fiscal year (July-June) with no more than four awards during their academic career.
    • Students who transition from Master’s to Doctoral programs of whom have applied and received one or more previous awards will only be allotted three awards during their Doctoral progression.

A maximum of $2,000 will be dispersed to qualifying applicants during a fiscal year (July-June).


To be eligible for funding, a student must:

  • Be a current Graduate Assistant of the School of Leadership and Human Resource Development
  • Be presenting work completed while enrolled at LSU
  • Be listed as first author of their work or be actively assisting a SLHRD faculty member during a presentation.
  • Be enrolled full time during the semester of travel as the Fall/Spring semester immediately preceding travel. The student is required to be enrolled full-time and maintain full-time enrollment during the semester of travel. In addition, since all research for the presentation must have been conducted while enrolled at LSU, the student is also required to have been enrolled full-time for at least one regular semester (fall or spring) of graduate study at LSU immediately preceding travel.
    • Note: Summer enrollment is not required, but if travel is being requested for conference during the summer, the student must have been enrolled full-time in the previous semester and either the summer or upcoming fall semester.
  • Be in good academic standing
  • Book airfares through the state travel agency, Short’s Travel Management. Students should send an e-mail request to Arianna Creech to establish a student profile when using the site for the first time, referencing that you are a Graduate Assistant in the School of Leadership and Human Resource Management.
    • Note: Please schedule a meeting with the School’s finance manager prior to booking travel

Application Process

Applications may be submitted as early as three calendar months prior to departure but must be received by the School no later than one calendar month prior to departure. Applications received less than one calendar month prior to departure will be denied. It is the student’s responsibility to ensure that the application is turned into the School in a timely manner.

To apply for the GA Travel Award, you must complete the SLHRD Graduate Assistant Travel Award Application. After completing the required information, you will need to attach the following documents to the form:

  • Abstract for work being presented. Abstract must include a list of authors in order of contribution. If your poster/presentation is in a discipline that requires authors to be listed in alphabetical order rather than in order of contribution, you must include a list of authors in order of contribution. (Max 1 page)
  • Proof of Presentation. Attach proof of acceptance to present at the conference. This attachment may be in the form of a letter or e-mail from conference organizers and/or a copy of the conference program schedule listing the presenter's  name, poster/presentation title, etc. (Max 3 Pages)
  • If the travel request is to assist a faculty member during a presentation, the faculty member must submit a letter of request for assistance to be attached to the application.

Completed applications can be either delivered to the School’s administrative office (298 Coates Hall) or emailed to

Award Notification

If you have submitted by the 15th of the month, you will have a response by the 15th of the next month. However, if your application was submitted after the 15th, you can expect to hear back not next month, but the following month. For example, an applicant who submits on the 14th of September will be notified by October 15th. Conversely, an applicant who submits on the 16th of September will be notified by November 15th.

Students will be notified of the Schools decision via email from If approved, the notification email must be attached to the Expense Report in Workday to receive reimbursement.

SLHRD GA Travel Awards will expire thirty days after the date of return from travel. Students are responsible for completing the Workday Expense Report and submit original documents to the School’s finance office. Students are encouraged to familiarize themselves with PM-13, which details the University Travel Regulations.

For pre-award question, such as eligibility and application questions, email

For post-award questions regarding expense reports or other questions, email

Award Program Contacts

School of Leadership and Human Resource Development
(225) 578-5748 |

Jeffery S. Portier
Manage of Fiscal Affairs
(225) 578-5750 |

Tracey E. Rizzuto, Ph.D.
Interim Director, SLHRD



GA Travel Award Policy

Travel Award Application Form