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Degrees in Action


Our program graduates are at the forefront of facilitating and leading positive change in people, organizations, and communities. Below is a list of a few of our changemakers:

Serena Fisher (2014)

Manager of Organization & Talent Development, Halifax Health
Invaluable impact in the healthcare setting


Damona Barnes, Bachelor's (2009)

Training and Development Specialist, Barriere Construction
Leading the company's corporate learning platform


Brett Richard, PhD (2004)

HR Manager, Sasol North America
Developing a better petrotechnical workforce


Chris McLaren, MS (2003)

Human Capital Director, Office of Management and Budget
Strengthening the nation’s workforce capacity


Jennifer Nomey, MS (2011)

Organizational Development & Training Coordinator, New Orleans Aviation Board
Building expertise in the aviation industry


Simone Phipps, PhD (2011)

Assistant Professor of Management, Middle Georgia State University
Educating the future generation of leaders 


Reid Bates, PhD (1997)

Professor, Louisiana State University
Director of the School of Leadership and Human Resource Development, LSU

Natalie Morton, MS (2012)

Assistant Director of Student Engagement, Christopher Newport University
Keeping students engaged in learning


Glynn Cavin, PhD (2014)

Associate Vice Chancellor, Troy University
Leading the way in higher education


Cyndi Gaudet, PhD (1991)

Professor of Economic & Workforce Development, University of Mississippi
Bridging the gap between research and practice


Julie J. Henriquez, PhD (2017)

Tulane University


Jill Maraist, MS (2011)

Director of Learning and Development, Schumacher Group
Developing talent for among healthcare professionals


Blanche Nicoll, MS (2012)

Employment Workshop Facilitator/Career Transition Trainer, Insignia Federal  Group
Facilitating successful workforce transitions in the middle east


Gregory Bruno, MS (2015)

HR Coordinator, J. Walter Thompson
Supporting the employee employer relationship


Edward A. Gibbons, PhD (2016)

Instructor, LSU School of Leadership and Human Resource Development
Management Consultant, Success Labs
We help individuals grow and companies succeed


Leon Prieto, PhD (2010)

Assistant Professor of Management, Clayton State University
Imparting knowledge to young entrepreneurs


Bonnie Radley, MS (2012)

Director of Data Services, Oklahoma State University
Expanding research in higher education


Nicole Cannonier, PhD (2014)

Assistant Professor, Savannah State University
Self-direction in adult learning: effect of locus of control and program design on learner motivation and training utility


Vicky Katsiouloudes, PhD (2015)

Auditor, LA Legislative Auditor
Supervisory ratings as a measure of training transfer: testing the predictive validity of the Learning Transfer System Inventory


Steven Perret, MS (2015)

LSU Instructor, Stephenson Department of Entrepreneurship & Information Systems
Entrepreneurship and  small business management
President, Lettermans
Providing professional document management and graphic printing since 1949


Beverly Brooks Thompson, MS (2015)

President and and Executive Counsel, Brooks Thompson Consulting
Campaign management, corporate and community relations, business development, economic and workforce development, social responsibility, cause marketing, change management, organizational design, strategic planning, contract negotiation, recruitment, volunteer management


Mimi Lee, PhD (2013)

LSU HRM Executive Director
Academic Policy, recruitment, employment, selection, retention, and training and development


Kenneth Kungu, PhD (2010)

Assistant Professor, Tennessee State University
Human resource management, organization behavior and leadership, self-directed learning, career development, cross-cultural HR practices, employee health and wellness


Alden Moreau, MS (2012)

Account Coordinator, Arthur J. Gallagher & Co.
Human resource development, strategic human resources leadership, instructional design, organizational development, training and development, performance analysis, customer service, spanish-speaking, visual merchandising, retail, medical billing, administrative work, paralegal work


Stacey Chiasson, Bachelor's (1995)

Louisiana Public Affairs Coordinator, Dow Chemical
Public affairs, workforce development research, private business as a performance improvement consultant.


Kent Blumberg, PhD (2016)

Director of Academic Affairs, University of Phoenix, Colorado

Growing leaders through higher education and executive coaching


Stacey Thibodeaux Rester MS (1999)

Director of Learning & Development, Hancock and Whitney Bank

Learning Strategy, Leadership & Organizational Development, Talent & Succession Planning




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