Graduate Assistantships

Graduate Assistantships


Graduate Assistantships (GA) are awarded to certain LSU LHRD students each year based on record of achievement. A GA award provides students with an annual monetary stipend, an LSU Graduate School tuition exemption, and a nonresident fee waiver. Graduate Assistants are considered "in-state" students and are not responsible for paying nonresident fees. GA awards are only offered to students in the full-time, on-campus, LHRD MS and PhD programs.  Students awarded assistantships are expected to work 20 hours per week. 

Criteria for Awarding Assistantships

Students must maintain registration in a minimum of 9 semester hours in the fall or spring semester for which they are receiving the Assistantship award (a minimum of 6 of the 9 hours of must be graduate level coursework).

Full-time enrollment during summer term requires registration in a minimum of 6 semester hours (with a minimum of 3 hours of graduate credit coursework).

Students must be admitted and enrolled in good standing, maintaining at least a 3.0 grade-point average.

Application Deadlines

  • December 1st - Application acceptance opens
  • March 15th - Application acceptance closes - applications received after this date, prior to the following December, will not be archived or considered. 
  • March 16th - April 10th- Interviews and offers made for following academic year (i.e. April, 2020 offer for 2021 Academic Year [August, 2020 - May, 2021])

Types of Assistantships Offered

There are several types of assistantships offered in the School. The specific type of assistantships awarded from one semester to the next vary depending on the needs of the faculty and the School. Students may also be assigned to more than one type of assistantship. For example, a student may devote 12 hours per week as a TA 1 and eight hours assisting a professor as an RA. 

Research Assistant (RA)

Conduct research for an academic or administrative unit.

Service Assistant (SA)

Assignments could cover a range of tasks including providing support to faculty serving as editors of scholarly journals housed at LSU, assisting with conference planning and preparation, program marketing, or other academic/professional assignments.

Teaching Assistant 1 (TA1)

Assist with the preparation of course materials/lectures/examinations, grading papers, maintenance of class records, and tutoring students outside formally scheduled classes.

This assignment does not include contact with students in scheduled meetings of classes.

Teaching Assistant 2 (TA2)

In addition to the duties of TA1, TA 2 assignments take an active role in teaching. They make presentations in classrooms, conduct lectures, and lead discussion groups provided. In this role, the TA 2 is not the instructor of record nor does he/she have primary responsibility for assigning grades. In order for an international student to be employed as a TA2, he/she must have completed English 1051 or be exempted from the course based on an oral interview. This must be completed before the appointment begins. For more information about ESL Programs, you can visit the ESL Programs website.


All Graduate Assistants are paid once a month on the last business day of the month. If students have an academic-year contract (9 month graduate assistantship), the appointment will start mid-August and end mid-May. The specific dates of the assistantship contract will be included in an official offer letter from the School. General compensation amounts vary, depending on the type of assistantship assignment and associated duties. 

Additional Information

General information concerning Assistantships can be found on the LSU Graduate School website.




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