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The Leadership Development Institute boasts faculty expertise in cutting-edge leadership theory, evaluation, adult learning, and program development. We invite you to contact us if you are interested in partnering on a research project or proposal or if you need help enhancing a leadership component of a project.

Women's Leadership Development

photo: woman at workshop

The Annual She Geauxs! Women's Leadership Conference brings together women of all personal and professional paths to create a community of support and encouragement that is dedicated to the advancement of all women. This full-day conference will feature encouraging keynote speakers, impactful breakout sessions, and dynamic panel discussions that will bring us all closer to
the heart of the matter. 


Addressing Chronic Crime

photo: map of hope zone

The Hope Zone Baton Rouge Byrne Criminal Justice Innovation (Hope Zone BR-BCJI) initiative responds to crime activity and socio-economic drivers of crime with strategic initiatives developed by the City of Baton Rouge and LSU researchers. Dr. Tracey Rizzuto was a key researcher in developing the Strategic Compatibility Assessment Instrument, a novel measurement tool for identifying opportunities for strategic partnering toward identifying patterns of crime and high-crime neighborhoods, improving relationships between communities and law enforcement, and implementing long-lasting positive change in public safety and health.