Subject Matter Experts



Dr. Reid Bates       


  • High performance talent development systems
  • Health workforce capacity building
  • Competency modeling and assessment
  • Motivation to improve work through learning
  • Performance improvement analysis; job analysis; training needs assessment
  • Training effectiveness
  • Training program evaluation
  • Workplace learning transfer
  • Learning Transfer System Inventory (LTSI)
  • Andragogy in Practice Inventory (API)
  • Measurement and instrument development

Dr. Jenny Daugherty


  • Leadership development and education
  • Intersection of technology and leadership
  • Professional development
  • STEM education 

Dr. Tracey Rizzuto


  • Industrial and organizational psychology
  • Development of social capital and capacity through technological tools (e.g., workplace technology, course management technology)
  • Development of social capital and capacity through social relationships (e.g., power and influence social network structures)
  • Managing workplace changes (e.g., implementation of new initiatives, aging workforce dynamics, workplace disaster recovery)

Dr. Tyree Mitchell


  • Antecedents of leadership behaviors
  • Work team effectiveness
  • Work motivation
  • Negotiations

Dr. Sunyoung Park


  • Organizational culture and behavior
  • Learning and performance in the workplace
  • Research trends in HRD and related fields 

Dr. Petra Robinson


  • Colorism
  • Critical Non-normative Literacies
  • Lifelong Learning and Professional Development
  • Social Justice, Diversity, and Equity in Higher and Adult Education