Dr. Jenny Daugherty


Dr. Daugherty’s research targets two areas of focus (leadership development and STEM education) that overlap in their exploration of learning and professional development. Seeking to understand how leaders develop and learn, her research has explored university leadership curriculum and the approaches needed for leaders in specific contexts to develop. Her work in STEM education is focused on teacher professional development at the secondary level. The major research project she is engaged in is researching how science teachers integrate engineering concepts into their teaching. These two areas of focus seek to understand and improve the learning and development of practitioners, whether teachers or leaders.


Sample Publication:

Daugherty, J. L., Mentzer, N. & Nunez, H. (2014). The reality of the classroom: Learning the value of instructional planning, TETe, 75(3), www.iteea.org/Publications/TTT/nov14.Daugherty.article.pdf