Dr. Petra A. Robinson maintains a very active research agenda and has published several articles, book chapters, and co-edited books. With research interests including colorism, critical literacies, social justice, diversity and equity in higher and adult education, Dr. Robinson’s research can be categorized into two major categories:

      1)  Critical Literacies Across the Lifespan in Global Higher and Adult Education and Organizational Contexts and

      2)  Lifelong Learning and Professional Development.


Sample publications include:

1) Robinson, P.A. (2015). The Scholarship of Engagement: A Reason to Cross the Ivory Tower’s Moat. In F.A. Bonner II, R.M. Banda, P.A. Robinson, C.W. Lewis and B. Lofton, Priorities of the Professoriate: Engaging Multiple Forms of Scholarship Across Rural and Urban Institutions (pp. 149- 158). Charlotte, NC: Information Age Publishing.

2) Robinson, P.A. (2014). Real Men Don’t Bleach: Contradiction in Contemporary Notions of Gender Identity among Bleachers in Jamaica. National Journal of Urban Education and Practice, (7) 3, 232-246.