Leadership & Human Resource Development, B.S. 

Why study Leadership & Human Resource Development (LHRD)?

Worldwide all types of organizations (for-profit, non-profit, governmental, community development, and so on) are challenged to keep pace with changing social, ecological, economic, technological systems. 

In addition, organizations increasingly understand that the key to their success and the key to successfully navigating today's changing landscape is their people. 

Graduates of the BS program in LHRD develop the knowledge and skills to help organizations develop their people to meet the challenge of change.  Our graduates learn how to make the people, the human capital in organizations, more agile, prepare the workforce for change, connect and reenergize people with their work, and recraft jobs and increase workforce flexibility.  With a BS in LHRD from SLHRD you will earn recognition as a human capital professional capable of conducting data-driven analysis; engaging with organizational leaders; identifying, implementing, and leading innovative solutions to organizational performance issues; and functioning as a strategic partner in helping organizations reach their goals.

We offer two avenues to complete the LHRD degree; on-campus or online.


  • Courses are taught by award winning faculty who are respected experts in the field
  • Help people reach their maximum potential
  • Develop valuable leadership skills
  • Practical based courses with application based projects
  • Obtain a real world internship and apply what is learned
  • Gain the necessary knowledge, skills, and abilities to be competitive upon graduation 

Sample Career Opportunity:

Training and Development Specialist:

  • Design, plan, organize, and deliver training programs
  • Average starting salary of $55,930
  • Over 200,000 positions nationwide!



Faculty Contact

Dr. Edward Gibbons

Edward Gibbons, Ph. D.
Undergraduate Advisor



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