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LHRD Study Abroad Program

Program Overview

As cultures and economies are increasingly interconnected, the presence of globalization is visible in nearly every aspect of life and work. Global workforce mobility has led to workplaces around the globe becoming more diverse with people bringing their various worldviews and identities to work. Organizations are also increasingly interacting with stakeholders from multiple cultural backgrounds and international contexts. Still, much of the workforce is not competent enough to work in globalized and cross-cultural environments. There is a lock of global leadership in many organizations today. 

Preparing students and professionals in every industry to become global leaders who can face global challenges in today’s organizations requires specialized training and focus on global leadership development. It is incumbent on leaders and human resource development professionals whether in higher education, organizations, or communities to enable and empower others to think at a global level and use their knowledge and skills to address the global challenges they face.

Courses Offered

LHRD 4901: Global Leadership

Location: Chiang Mai, Thailand

Course Information: Study Abroad in Thailand

Requirements: Completion of 60 credits serves as a minimum university prerequisite to all 4000 level courses. Alternately you may take a 4000 level course if you have 30 hours, a 3.5 GPA, approval by the instructor, and approval by the Dean.

Semester Offered: Wintersession, 2020

Registration: Coming Soon

New courses will be added soon.