Jenny Daugherty, PhD

Associate Professor

Bachelor's Degree: Sociology and History, Indiana University, 2001

Master's Degree: American History, PUrdue UNiversity, 2004

Ph.D.: Human Resource Education, University of Illinois, 2008

Phone: (225) 578-7065

E-mail: jdaugherty@lsu.edu

Office: 282 Coates Hall


Dr. Daugherty is the Jones S. Davis Distinguished Associate Professor of Human Resource, Leadership, & Organization Development at Louisiana State University in the School of Leadership & Human Resource Development. Dr. Daugherty also serves as the Director of the Leadership Development Institute (LDI) which serves as the umbrella organization promoting interdisciplinary research and collaboration related to leadership development. Her research and teaching efforts are focused on the intersections of leadership, learning, and technology.

Dr. Daugherty earned her doctoral degree in Human Resource Education from the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign where she was awarded a doctoral fellowship with the National Center for Engineering and Technology Education. Her dissertation and subsequent research funded by a $2.9 million National Science Foundation award are focused on science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) teacher professional development. Prior to joining the faculty at Louisiana State University, Dr. Daugherty was as an Associate Professor at Purdue University in the Department of Technology Leadership and Innovation.

In addition to her work in STEM teacher professional development, Dr. Daugherty is currently engaged in research seeking to identify leadership competencies for technology-intensive organizations. She is interested in identifying the competencies needed for leaders in specific contexts and exploring the implications for leadership development.


Selected Publications

Miller, A. & Daugherty, J. L. (accepted). Teaching leadership in technical programs at community colleges. Journal of Leadership Education.

Custer, R., Eisenkraft, A., Wendell, K., Daugherty, J., & Ross, J. (2016). Infusing engineering concepts into high school science: opportunities & challenges. In L. Annetta, & J. Minogue (Eds.), Achieving science and technological literacy through engineering design practices. New York: Springer Publishers.

Daugherty, J. L., & Custer, R. L. (2014). High school teacher professional development in engineering: Research and Practice. In S. Purzer, J. Strobel, & M. Cardella (Eds.), Engineering in pre-college settings: Synthesizing research, policy, and practices. Purdue University Press: West Lafayette, IN.

Daugherty, J. L., Mentzer, N. & Nunez, H. (2014). The reality of the classroom: Learning the value of instructional planning, TETe, 75(3), www.iteea.org/Publications/TTT/nov14.Daugherty.article.pdf

Daugherty, J. L., Mentzer, N. J., Lybrook, D. O., & Little-Wiles, J. (2013). Philosophical perspectives on technology leadership. In S. Wang & T. Hartsell (Eds.), Technology Integration and Foundations for Effective Technology Leadership (pp. 42 – 56). Hershey, PA: IGI Global.

Selected Presentations

Daugherty, J. (2016, July) How might MEAs be used in leadership education? Presentation at the Association of Leadership Educators Conference, Sacremento, CA.

Daugherty, J.L., Brunese, P., & Dalal, R. (2015, October). Learning leadership: From theory to practical teaching approaches. Presentation at the International Society for Exploring Teaching and Learning, Savannah, GA.

Daugherty, J. L. (2014, October). Building a competency model for technology leadership education. An interactive roundtable at the International Leadership Association Annual Global

Conference, San Diego, CA.

Hurt, A. C., Deadman, R., Daugherty, J. L., & Lybrook, D. O. (2014, June). Pathways to technology leadership. Presentation at the American Society of Engineering Education. Indianapolis, IN.

Brockway, D., Custer, R. L., & Daugherty, J. L. (2013, April). Infusing engineering. Presentation at the National Science Teaching Association Conference, San Antonio, TX.

Selected Grants

Co-Principal Investigator, National Science Foundation, Discovery Research K-12: An Examination of Science and Technology Teachers’ Conceptual Learning through Concept-Based Engineering Professional Development (2011 – 2016) $2,975,350

Principal Investigator, College of Technology, Purdue University seed grant: A Study of Technology Leadership Competencies: Informing a Model (Aug 2014-Aug 2016) $21,784

Principal Investigator, National Science Foundation / Utah State University, National Center for Engineering and Technology Education: Mapping Engineering Concepts for Secondary Level Education (Nov 2010 – June 2011) $17,520

Principal Investigator, National Science Foundation / Utah State University, National Center for

Engineering and Technology Education: Infusing Engineering Concepts (Dec 2011 – June 2012)


Current Research

Dr. Daugherty’s research targets two areas of focus (leadership development and STEM education) that overlap in their exploration of learning and professional development. Seeking to understand how leaders develop and learn, her research has explored university leadership curriculum and the approaches needed for leaders in specific contexts to develop. Her work in STEM education is focused on teacher professional development at the secondary level. The major research project she is engaged in is researching how science teachers integrate engineering concepts into their teaching. These two areas of focus seek to understand and improve the learning and development of practitioners, whether teachers or leaders.

Sample Publication:

Daugherty, J. L., Mentzer, N. & Nunez, H. (2014). The reality of the classroom: Learning the value of instructional planning, TETe, 75(3), www.iteea.org/Publications/TTT/nov14.Daugherty.article.pdf

Curriculum Vitae