School of Leadership & Human Resource Development Introduces the LSU Leadership Development Institute


The School of Leadership & Human Resource Development’s (SLHRD), within the LSU College of Human Sciences & Education, newly proposed LSU Leadership Development Institute was given a two-year conditional approval by the Board of Regents on August 27, 2014.

The LSU Leadership Development Institute is a research, education, and outreach initiative within the LSU College of Human Sciences & Education that aims to promote interdisciplinary research and collaboration on leadership development. The institute will be the first of its kind in the state of Louisiana.

“We are thrilled to announce our latest endeavor in creating effective leaders,” said SLHRD Director Dr. Ed Holton. “Our focus is on developing leaders who inspire excellence and create sustainable performance in all types of organizations and communities. Creating the Leadership Development Institute is a very important step to securing the resources we need to build a world-class leadership development program at LSU.”

Through innovative discovery, curricula, programs, and strategic partnerships with industry, the Institute will provide a science-based focus on developing sustainable and effective leaders for Louisiana and the nation.  It will link LSU’s expertise in leadership development with the critical need for strong leaders to grow the state’s and country’s economy, communities, and organizations.

The institute will fill a unique niche by focusing on leadership development rather than leadership studies.  Few institutes exist nationally which focus on the science of leadership development processes.  Yet, the most pressing need is for effective methods and practices to grow leadership capacity in virtually every type of organization and in every community.  The Leadership Development Institute aims to make LSU a leader in discovering and implementing development processes that grow leaders more effectively.

In addition to aiding local, regional, and national professional organizations with developing and finding effective leaders, the Institute also affords SLHRD students unique hands-on experience in aiding in consultations and other forms of involvement.

“SLHRD has always embraced scientist-practitioner training that emphasizes the application of evidence-based knowledge to real-world workforce and workplace challenges,” said SLHRD associate professor Dr. Tracey Rizzuto. “By brokering supervised consulting experiences for our students, the LSU Leadership Development Institute stands to enrich instructional capacity at LSU and provide valuable resources and services to Louisiana businesses and organizations.”

The LSU School of Leadership & Human Resource Development (SLHRD) offers programs dedicated to producing world class practitioners, leaders, and instructors in Leadership and Human Resource Development.

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