LSU Students in Leadership Course Donated More Than 3,500 Hours in Fall


Students in the LSU School of Leadership and Human Resource Development, or SLHRD’s, advanced leadership course each devoted 32 hours of service to the community, donating more than 3,500 hours in the fall semester. This course is designed to develop the leadership skills students need to effectively lead organizations and communities to achieve their vision and goals.

“Community engagement is an essential component to effective leadership because we want our graduates to be prepared to lead social change to help address critical issues in our state and the world,” said Ed Holton, the Jones S. Davis Distinguished Professor in SLHRD.

“That’s why I require my advanced leadership students to engage in community service – to learn how to lead social change in addition to the organizational leadership skills we teach,” he added.

Human resource education junior Kolby Lirette performed his service hours through LSU Ambassadors as the Southern Regional Orientation Workshop Chair. He participated in projects such as the Baton Rouge Down’s Syndrome Awareness Group Buddy Walk and the Be The Match bone marrow donation drive at LSU. He also assisted LSU directly by volunteering to help with Tigerama.

“Dr. Holton’s class has helped me to develop not only personally, but more importantly as a leader,” Lirette said. “The combination of my involvement in outside organizations and this class has proven to be a potent and effective mix for generating retention of class material and growth as a leader.”

Lirette feels that Holton’s course is essential for students both in his area of study and beyond.

“The entire leadership minor, not just this class, is an investment for anyone looking to broaden their horizons,” he said.

“I feel that this minor would assist any student looking to add a competitive advantage to their degree, but in particular, students wishing to gain valuable experience as a leader or interpersonal communication,” Lirette added. “It has helped me along a path of self-discovery and will no doubt be the most invaluable experience my degree has offered me.”

SLHRD offers comprehensive programs dedicated to developing world class practitioners, leaders and instructors in three areas of emphasis: agricultural and extension education and youth development, career and technical education, and human resource and leadership development.

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