A Visiting Viking: Danish PhD Fellow Chooses SLHRD for Study Abroad


This spring, the School of Leadership & Human Resource Development (SLHRD) welcomed Peter Sorenson, a visiting PhD scholar from Denmark. Sorenson chose LSU as his visiting scholar destination in order to study human resources in an environment very different than his own, describing his visit as a “fantastic eye-opener.”

A Danish native and descendent of Viking heritage, Sorenson attributes the progression of Viking culture to human resource education and organizational development.

“The Vikings were feared as being a rather wild and brutal bunch of tribal people,” he said. “Luckily, the Vikings and the Viking-culture were developed wherefore the Scandinavians of today are more-or-less civilized, modern European people.”

That concept is true for every culture and society, Sorenson said.

“Everyone in every culture needs development. Thus, being a Danish successor of the Vikings, I set out to visit the School of Human Resource Education & Workplace Development (SLHRD) for the month of April 2016 as part of my personal and professional development,” he said. 

Sorenson said Danish PhD Fellows are encouraged to travel abroad and stay at other universities to learn about their practices and research their environments. Sorenson contacted Dr. Reid Bates, SLHRD Interim Director, who helped him organize his visit.

“I must say that meeting people like those in SLHRD is what makes traveling and visiting other parts of the world extremely valuable,” Sorenson said. “I met interested, curious, funny and highly professional people who, without having the intention, participated in my personal and professional development as a lecturer and PhD Fellow.”

Sorenson worked in Coates Hall with SLHRD faculty and participated in faculty meetings, worked on several research articles, observed classes and presentations, networked with faculty, and more.

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