Finding Work-Life Balance: Are you really that off-kilter?

A quality-of-life lecture by Russell A. Matthews, PhD

Thursday, November 17  |  3 p.m.  |  LSU Student Union, International Room

Free & open to the public


Brought to you by the School of Leadership & Human Resource Development, Dr. Matthews will speak on unlocking the scientific secrets to maintaining the work-life balance. With more than ten years of practical experience consulting with regional and national organizations, city municipalities, and various government agencies, Dr. Matthews works with organizational stakeholders to identify and implement solutions in order to make meaningful contributions to improve employee quality of life.

Attendees will receive tailored information on how to modify and improve personal balance, hands-on self-assessment of your levels of imbalance and overload, and approaches on how to effectively balance school, work, friends, and family.

Door prize: Dr. Matthews’ new book, Research Perspectives on Work and the Transition to Motherhood (Springer, Inc., 2016)

Dr. Matthews is an Associate Professor and the Sandman Professor in Industrial/Organizational Psychology at Bowling Green State University. Dr. Matthews earned his PhD in Industrial/Organizational Psychology, with graduate certificates in quantitative research methods and occupational health psychology, from the University of Connecticut.