#MyLSUDegree - From New Orleans to New York

PichonAshleigh Pichon, New Orleans native, began her undergraduate career at LSU as an elementary education major. As she became involved with leadership opportunities on campus, including student government and Delta Delta Delta sorority, she realized she wanted to work with people in the fields of event planning and public relations. She changed her major two more times, but throughout her decision-making process, there was always a constant - pursing a minor in Leadership Development.

“I told my counselor I wanted to work with people. I enjoy problem-solving and planning events,” Pichon said.

Pichon’s counselor advised her to try majoring in Human Resource Education and Leadership Development, housed in the College of Human Sciences & Education.

“After my first class, I realized I was finally in the right major,” Pichon said.

Pichon had extensive experience working as a manager and bridal consultant at I Do Bridal Couture and as a bridal consultant at Bustle, both in Baton Rouge. As part of her degree requirements, she decided to apply for an internship with Kleinfeld Bridal in Manhattan, New York.

“During my interview, I explained how LSU was like no other college because it offers the ultimate college experience,” Pichon said. “As a leader on campus, I knew how to adapt to different situations and people easily and effectively. I explained in my interview that LSU helped me become the woman I am today. I am able to balance my personal life and work life."

"I was offered the position on the spot.”

Pichon interned for Kleinfield for the summer, and then returned to LSU to complete her senior year.


Pichon on her interview day.

“Because of my involvement in leadership at LSU, I knew the importance of hard work. LSU Greek life and student government helped me form a work ethic that was needed for my demanding internship,” Pichon said. “My previous experience in the bridal field helped, but I think the skill set I learned as a student leader helped me become more successful and noticed by the staff of Kleinfeld. LSU taught me determination and a positive attitude will help you face and conquer any challenges.”

In a job where teamwork, interpersonal communication skills, conflict resolution, and collaboration are necessary skills, Pichon exceled.

After graduating with her degree in Bachelors of Science in Leadership & Human Resource Development in May of 2015, Pichon received a phone call offering her a full-time position at Kleinfield in New York.

Pichon said “yes to a new address” and has been in New York since.



LSU’s School of Leadership and Human Resource Development offers a leadership minor to prepare students to be leaders in their fields. 


The LSU School of Leadership & Human Resource Development (SLHRD) offers programs dedicated to producing world class practitioners, leaders, and instructors in Leadership and Human Resource Development.

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