Dr. Park published a co-authored chapter about Korean Women Leaders in Government


Dr. Sunyoung Park, Assistant Professor in the School of Leadership and Human Resource Development, has published a co-authored book chapter about Korean Women Leaders in the Government Sector in Korean Women in Leadership, as part of the Current Perspectives on Asian Women in Leadership book series.

The purpose of Chapter 10 is to examine the status of Korean women leaders in government, to discuss existing support systems for them, and to identify areas for improvement in women’s leadership in the Korean government sector. Policies for women leaders in government are reviewed and also explored is the current situation of women leaders in government. The status of woman-friendly government initiatives is reviewed and categorized into the following four types: women’s leadership training and development, flexible work arrangements, gender equality policies, and childcare services. The literature and government reports are looked at and four government officials were interviewed to determine the current situation and future plans for women leaders in the government sector.



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