Dr. Park Receives Emerald Literati Award


Dr. Sunyoung Park, assistant professor in the School of Leadership & Human Resource Development (SLHRD), has received the 2016 Highly Commended Paper Award for the article 'Revisiting knowledge sharing from the organizational change perspective,' published in the European Journal of Training and Development.

Dr. Park’s award-winning article, co-authored by Eun-Jee Kim of the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, examines how knowledge sharing literature has discussed task, structure, technology, and people as elements of organizational change, as well as the interactions between the four elements of knowledge shaming.

The article’s introduction states, “Change is an ongoing and never-ending process of organizational life. To achieve and maintain an organization’s competitive advantage, great and small changes must continuously occur in the organization.”

Dr. Park and Kim’s findings suggest that elements of structure and people, when organization face either planned or unplanned change, are critical for successful knowledge sharing by making the interactive connections with other components of change.

The Emerald Literati Awards, in their 23rd year of awarding prestigious recognition to scholars, were established to celebrate and reward the outstanding contributions of authors and reviewers to scholarly research.

The criteria used to judge the awards are based on six areas: internationality; diversity; support for scholarly research; encouragement of applied research (impact); commitment to high quality scholarship; and a desire to ensure reader, author, and customer experience is the best it can be. The Editorial Advisory Board (EAB) of each journal published by Emerald is invited to select a winner of the 'Outstanding Paper' award and up to three 'Highly Commended' awards from the previous year's volume.
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