School of Leadership & Human Resource Development Preparing students to be change makers in all organizations and systems


The School of Leadership & Human Resource Development is making an impact on student learning and in our community, meeting the leadership, human resource development, training, and workforce development needs of Louisiana and beyond.

“Our graduates are uniquely qualified to address the needs of our ever-changing world of work,” said school director Dr. Reid Bates. “Our students, at the undergraduate and graduate level, are learning to be change makers; they will sculpt how individuals, teams, and organizations respond to evolving social, economic, and technical systems across all industries and sectors.”

Leadership and human resource development are mutually supportive areas of study and practice. These academic fields are both developmental insofar as they both seek to create positive change in people, organizations, and communities. LSU is the only university in the country to link leadership and human resource development and integrate them into undergraduate and graduate degree programs.

The School is also home to the Leadership Development Institute (LDI) and an 18-hour undergraduate Leadership Development Minor. The LDI is an umbrella organization promoting interdisciplinary education and training for the purpose of developing leadership competencies and fostering research and collaboration on leadership development. The minor provides coursework and practical experiences leading to the development of leadership skills applicable to any profession. It is the largest minor in terms of student enrollment on the LSU campus.

“If you are considering pursuing a Masters Degree Program in the many fields that LSU has to offer; I would highly recommend the MS in Leadership and Human Resource Development because you will be receiving the highest standard of education at the University level anywhere in the country, SLHRD alumni Jeffery N. said. 

Alumni Ty M. added, “The course work was very interesting, the professor were very responsive and interactive.  The program, with its focus on leadership development, was an asset to me because of my work developing leaders within our company.  

Formerly the School of Human Resource Education & Workforce Development, the school changed its name to reflect the conscious evolution of the School and an understanding of where it can have the biggest impact on student learning and the human resource development needs in Louisiana and the world.

Our Mission 
The mission of the School of Leadership & Human Resource Development is to enhance the development of individuals, organizations, and communities through research that advances the creation and application of new knowledge; innovative teaching that prepares scholars, researchers, and professionals to meet the leadership and human capital needs of a dynamic, interconnected, global society; and service and outreach endeavors that connect the School with the local, national, and international community. 

Our Vision
We are innovative leaders in leadership and human resource development whose teaching, scholarship, research, and outreach create positive change in people, organizations, and communities globally.  

Our Values

Student-Centered, Applied Learning

•      We provide an applied, student-centered learning experience that builds in our graduates the knowledge, skills, and ways of thinking needed to become global citizens, leaders, and positive change agents.

Diversity and Inclusivity

•       We encourage diversity and inclusiveness through civility, the free exchange of ideas, an appreciation of individual distinctiveness, and respect for multiple perspectives.  

Strong Science-Practice Focus

•       We believe a strong theory-research-practice linkage is critical in an applied field and realize this through effective collaboration, the provision of evidence-based tools and interventions, and ongoing local and global engagement.


•       We strive for a global reputation of excellence to be realized through rigorous, cutting-edge research, adherence to the highest ethical standards in teaching, research and practice, ongoing professional development of all members of our learning community, and the creation of an exemplary, dynamic curriculum that meets the needs of our stakeholders.