LSU’s Presence Felt at AAACE Virtual Conference


Baton Rouge, LA - The American Association for Adult and Continuing Education (AAACE) hosted its annual conference October 27–30, 2020. Chairing the first virtual hosting of the conference, Associate Professor in the School of Leadership and Human Resource Development (SLHRD) and Director of Faculty Affairs and Professional Development in the College of Human Sciences & Education (CHSE), Dr. Petra A. Robinson’s goal was to create a space for participants to engage in cutting-edge scholarship and learn about best practices in the field. Additionally, she focused on providing unique networking opportunities to reconnect and recommit to the advancement of the field.

Dr. Robinson was supported by a conference committee responsible for the planning and execution of the virtual conference, in which SLHRD’s doctoral student Maja Stojanovic played an integral role on the committee, in addition to serving as a proposal reviewer. As a highlight of this year’s conference, several LSU staff and faculty members contributed in different roles. Special kudos to the following individuals:

  • Dr. Sunyoung Park, Associate Professor in the SLHRD, who co-presented with Dr. Robinson their paper based on a recently awarded grant.
  • Maja Stojanovic, doctoral student in the SLHRD, for being selected and awarded the AAACE conference tuition grant. Maja also co-presented a paper with Dr. Robinson and her individual research project as a poster, for which she won Best Topic/Finding Award in the conference’s poster competition.
  • Dr. Oliver Crocco, Assistant Professor in the SLHRD and Dr. Carlos Lee, Assistant Professor in the School of Education, for serving as proposal review chairs for various strands.
  • Dr. Monique Cain, Director of Information and Security Services in the Department of Residential Life, for serving as a reviewer and review chair, and for participating in the Commission of Distance Learning and Technology (CDLT) pre-conference.
  • Dr. LaKeitha Poole, Director of Sports Psychology and Counseling for the LSU Athletic Department, for being a featured speaker at a special session titled Self-Preservation in the Academy: A Conversation About Mental Health and Wellness.
  • Tennia Williams, Assistant Director of Continuing Education and Community Engagement, School of Social Work, for joining the Association and actively participating throughout the conference.
  • Zachary Z. Robinson, senior at Liberty Magnet High, the youngest presenter ever at the AAACE conference, who co-presented with Dr. Robinson a paper titled Memes & Messaging: Using Social Media Tools for Promoting Critical Literacy Skills.
 Screen caputure from AAACE virtual conference. Text of slide: The effect of academic coaches on non-traditional student performance in an intensive online learning program. Sunyoung Park and Petra Robinson, Louisiana State University, 10-29-2020
 Screen caputure from AAACE virtual conference. Text of slide: AAACE Conference 2020. Memes and Messaging, Using Social Media Tools for Promoting Critical Literacy Skills. Petra A. Robinson, Phd and Zachary Z. Robinson
The importance of multilingual literacy skills for adult learners as global citizens in the 21st century. Maja Stojanovic, Louisiana State University
Screen caputure from AAACE virtual conference. Image of Petra Robinson, Phd. and Maja Stojanovic with AAACE logo in background.

Following this year’s successful conference, Dr. Robinson agreed to chair the 2021 AAACE Conference scheduled to take place in Sandestin, FL, October 5–8, 2021. Mark your calendars and look out for the forthcoming call for proposals.

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