SLHRD Faculty Attends HRD Conference



Louisville, Kentucky - Several School of Leadership & Human Resource Development faculty members, including Drs. Oliver Crocco, Shinhee Jeong, and Sunyoung Park, and graduate students, including Matthew Kingham and Susan Karimiha, attended the 26th Annual AHRD Conference in Louisville, Kentucky this past February.

From Left to Right: Susan, Dr. Shinhee Jeong, Dr. Sunyoung Park, and Dr. Oliver Crocco

Pictured from left: Susan Karimiha, Dr. Shinhee Jeong, Dr. Sunyoung Park, & Dr. Oliver Crocco

The 3-day conference was comprised of blind, peer-reviewed presentations that offered a diverse range of topics, perspectives, and research paradigms in HRD. The conference also included focus sessions for conference participants on a range of HRD topics and challenges.

Dr. Oliver Crocco presented a co-authored refereed manuscript titled, “Learning, Development, and Change in a Community-Based Enterprise in Myanmar: Implications for Human Resource Development.”  He also participated on a panel titled, “Preparing HRD Professionals for the Global Workplace: A Holistic Learning and Development Approach,” which described expertise for HRD professionals to engage in global work.  Additionally, Dr. Crocco presented a co-authored refereed poster titled, “Global Human Resource Development Informed by Indigenous Knowledge and Research.”

“AHRD is a vibrant community of curious and scholars and graduate students. I thoroughly enjoyed sharing my research and representing the School of Leadership and HRD. The research I presented this year had a global focus as I looked at applications of LHRD around the world. I want to encourage all of our graduate students to consider attending AHRD next year in Atlanta!”

- Dr. Oliver Crocco

Dr. Shinhee Jeong presented three co-authored refereed manuscripts titled, “The Multi-Level Effects of HR Practices and Paternalistic Leadership on Organizational Commitment,” “The Reciprocal Relationship between Workplace Learning and Employee Engagement : An Integrative Literature Review,”  and, “The Transition from Military Careers to Civilian Careers: Experiences of Short- and Mid-Term South Korean Veterans.” Additionally, she presented a coauthored refereed poster titled, “Social Capital and Organizational Knowledge: An Integrative Literature Review.” In addition, Dr. Shinhee Jeong was honored with the Cutting-Edge Award for her work.

“It is always exciting to attend the AHRD conference. This research community meets once a year, and we celebrate our gathering by presenting rigorous, interesting research!! Furthermore, networking with other scholars brings new insights and inspirations in research and provides an impetus to keep going! I strongly encourage my students to attend next year and have a learning opportunity!!!”

- Dr. Shinhee Jeong

Dr. Sunyoung Park presented three co-authored refereed manuscripts titled, “ Female Managers’ Commitment and Job Satisfaction: The Role of Organizational Culture and HR Practices in South Korea,” “ An Empirical Investigation of Transformational Leadership, Organizational Climate, Knowledge Sharing, and Organizational Learning,”  and, “ The Neuroscience of Workplace Learning: An Integrative Review and Implications for HRD.” Additionally, she presented a coauthored refereed poster titled, “Reverse Mentoring: Are We Ready for Global Acceptance Yet?” In addition, Dr. Sunyoung Park was honored with the Early Career Scholar Award for her contributions to the field of Human Resource Development. She also served as the program chair for the conference.

“Attending the AHRD and presenting my studies there is always wonderful learning experience and great opportunities to maintain and extend scholarly expertise and network. In particular, this year was meaningful that (1) LSU students were able to be presenters for the first time and (2) we have maximum participants from LSU (since 2006).”

- Dr. Sunyoung Park

Pictured from left: Matt Kingham; Dr. Sunyoung Park; Dr. Shinhee Jeong; Susan Karimiha

Pictured from left: Matt Kingham, Dr. Sunyoung Park, Dr. Shinhee Jeong, & Susan Karimiha

Doctoral candidate Matt Kingham presented a refereed paper on, “Training Generation Y: Young Adult Perceptions of an Operator Training Program at a Nuclear Power Plant.” Doctoral candidate, Susan Karimiha, presented a refereed poster on, “The Correlation between Psychological Empowerment, Workplace Motivation, Social Capital and Job Performance of Farmers in Olancho, Honduras.”

“The peer-reviewed process of submitting my poster and eventually having it accepted to the academy’s conference was a great experience for me. I learned so much from other HRD scholars during my presentation and the networking experience was invaluable. The AHRD scholarly community, when it comes to what I have been working towards all these years in my doctoral program, felt like home.”

- Susan Karimiha

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