Geaux Lead - A Student Feature: Jaron Bertrand



Jaron Bertrand

Jaron Bertrand

Baton Rouge - This week, the LSU School of Leadership and Human Resource Development would like to celebrate Jaron Bertrand for our Geaux Lead student spotlight! Jaron is a senior at LSU working on her B.S. in Leadership and Human Resource Development. She is originally from Patterson, LA, and always dreamed of being an LSU Tiger. After attending her first HR class, Jaron realized how much the material challenged her thinking and decided that LHRD was for her. The education she has gained in LHRD has lead Bertrand to become both impactful and globally engaged. 

“We are a generation of change, and being involved with the LHRD program, I have learned so much about how we can collectively make an impact on our world, and those impacts have to happen by being globally engaged."

There’s so much of the world out there to learn about, and she feels it’s important not to ignore the cultures of others, and the global community, so we can make a change together. She explains how many people think this program is about payroll and compensation, but they’re unaware of the aspects like training and development. The employee should always be seen as an asset and capable of acquiring and mastering new skills at any time, so they can move from entry level to management level. Seeing someone making great change and leading a group of people to success is what Jaron loves about HR. Throughout the LHRD program, you will always hear that anyone can be a leader.

“I think what really changed for me is that I always saw leaders as someone that everyone sees, you can always pick the leader out amongst a group. However, now I know that the leader doesn’t always have to be the loudest, most outspoken person in a room. Some lead quietly and from within by their actions and mannerisms, and leadership is about who can create positive change and make a difference because of their actions."

Jaron see’s herself fulfilling the role of a Change-Maker in the future by inspiring development and being a positive energy to those around her. As a generation of change, she feels this is our time to turn our talents into action and wants to be sure she makes a positive impact on those she interacts with. For students still searching for a degree path, Jaron would tell them that this program gives you opportunity; the opportunity to learn about different sides of business as developers of humans within a business, opportunity for growth by providing you with an abundance of skills, and the opportunity to lead by developing you into a change-maker. We are seaux proud of you Jaron, and can’t wait to see what your future has in store as a Change-Maker!   



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