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Julia Daigle Jeffery Portier

Baton Rouge - As we work our way in to the spring semester, we would like to introduce the next Geaux Lead article featuring Julia Daigle. Julia just recently graduated from LSU in 2018 and received a Bachelor of Science in Leadership and Human Resource Development (LHRD). Originally from Lafayette, Louisiana, and a second-generation LSU Tiger, Julia chose LSU after receiving the TOPS award and deciding she wanted to attend the largest university in the state.

Daigle started her time at LSU majoring in Human Resource Management (HRM) in the College of Business, and then switched to the Leadership and Human Resource Development  major so she could focus more on the psychology, employee development, and organizational behavior aspects. Now that she has received her degree, she plans to enter in to a recruiting role out of the state.

“People do not expect that its about 70% I/O Psychology, and focuses heavily on organizational behavior, as well as adult education which translates on to how to develop continuing education programs for those who have taken an untraditional route.”

With her new-found knowledge and understanding of leadership development, her personal and professional viewpoints have changed. This knowledge has helped Julia to accumulate the importance of business development skills that expand your networking opportunities. It has also helped her distinguish the little but very important differences between leading and managing people and taught her how to motivate a team to work towards a common goal. This LHRD education has greatly enhanced Daigle’s creative and impactful attributes; many of the projects she worked on have guidelines for real world projects where they had to go in to an organization and solve real issues for them or come up with solutions to hypothetical situations, which lead to impactful solutions that measured return on investment (ROI) and found solutions that lead to better employee satisfaction and engagement.     

In the organization where Julia completed her internship, she was able to make and impact that either improved or reinvented processes in her effort to become a change maker.

“I see myself bringing something completely new to a team when it comes to recruiting and maintaining top talented individuals in an organization, whether big or small, because sometimes the little things can make the biggest impact.”

For students searching for a degree path, Julia would tell them that if they have a passion for educating others and developing people, the LHRD program is for them!  


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Author: Allie Thorpe
Graduate Assistant, SLHRD
Contact: Jeffery S. Portier
SLHRD Public Relations Coordinator
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