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Taylor Landry at graduation

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Baton Rouge - On this week’s "I'm a Changemaker" series, we feature Taylor Landry, recent LSU Graduate with a Bachelor of Science in Leadership and Human Resource Development. Taylor explained that she chose LSU because it was like a whole new world to her, being from the small town of Pierre Part, Louisiana, where everyone knows each other. LSU wasn’t ever something she had considered just because she always assumed she would go to college closer to home. When Taylor decided to visit campus and explore the opportunity, the atmosphere of LSU changed her mind and she is forever thankful for that walk on campus.

“LSU has been one of the best decisions of my life; I have always been and always will be so proud to be a Tiger!"

Taylor had always loved to help others and to problem solve. With so many different aspects of Human Resources, she knew she could find her niche in this career path. Taylor rejoiced how she quickly found out that she had found her place after taking only one of Dr. Gibbons’ HRE classes. For any students searching for a degree path, Taylor advises that they should take an LHRD class and really dive into it! She personally did not know much about HR until she took an LHRD class, and could tell immediately that she would fit right into this degree path.

“I think a lot of students think to be an HR professional, they should major in business, but LHRD is more specific to the needs of an HR department."

Leadership and Human Resource Development is a branch of a business that provides support and guidance to employees, while participating in the building of talent and acquisition for its company.

Taylor truly believes that the internship class required for LHRD students was a huge help in establishing her career. Most HR jobs require experience, and because she was required to get an internship in her field, she had experience when it was time to get a full-time job. With her degree in HR, Taylor earned a position at CF Industries in the Human Resources Department.

“Being in the chemical industry is very different compared to other industries that most people think of when they think of “HR,” and that is why I love it so much. You never know what you’ll get next”.

Taylor is currently enrolled to start her Online Master’s program in January 2019 through LSU Shreveport where she will obtain an MBA with a specialization in Human Resources Management.

Her degree has encouraged Taylor to think outside of the box when it comes to training and development. Learning new ways to recruit and develop interesting and impactful training modules is something she is eager to do. Her degree involved lots of group work, which gave her the opportunity to work with her peers on projects and assignments, allowing her to collaborate with people who had innovative and diverse ideas. Taylor believes that a change-maker is someone who is not afraid to try new things – someone that is on board for hearing out new, collaborative ideas.

“I think that this is important to have in HR because as times change, we must change, and our businesses must change in order to compete with competitors."

Being a change-maker means not “just going through the motions”, but implementing innovative ways to do routine tasks which Taylor prides herself on encouraging those around her to do. 

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