LHRD Welcomes New Faculty Member, Dr. Erin Richard


Dr. Erin Richard

Dr. Erin RichardEddy Perez (LSU)

Baton Rouge – Dr. Erin Richard is the third of our School’s three newest faculty members. Dr. Richard joined our School this past August from the Florida Institute of Technology where she served as a faculty member in Industrial and Organizational Psychology. She received her Ph.D. in 2006 from Louisiana State University in Industrial and Organizational Psychology. Her specific areas of research include leader interpersonal emotion management, role of emotional skills in leadership and team interactions, emotional labor, roles of affect and individual differences in work motivation, and emotion and aggression in work-related electronic communication.

Dr. Richard’s most recent research has been focused on the assessment and understanding of leader interpersonal emotion management. She is working to answer research questions such as:

  • How do organizational leaders manage their followers’ emotional reactions to work events?
  • How can we measure leader effectiveness at managing follower emotion?
  • What emotional abilities predict leaders’ emotion management effectiveness?
  • How do we develop a leader’s ability to manage follower emotion?

She is also working on a line of research examining the perception of emotion and aggression in work-related emails. This research examines subject matters regarding which characteristics of an email make it seem aggressive and how employees respond to perceived aggression via email?

“The leader emotion management research has implications for leader development. It will help us pinpoint which emotion management strategies are most (and least) useful in certain leadership situations. It will also help us determine the emotional knowledge and skills (e.g., understanding of emotional processes, recognition of group emotion) that help leaders manage reactions to events like organizational change.

The email research will help employees communicate more effectively and hopefully reduce conflict caused by misunderstandings in email.”

As an alumna of LSU, Dr. Richard is excited by all the changes that have occurred since she was a student here. Besides the excitement and school spirit that embodies the university, she is also looking forward to collaborating with students and other faculty members on research projects.

Outside of academia, Dr. Richard enjoys spending time with her family and friends, reading fiction, taking dance classes, and riding roller coasters.

The School of Leadership and Human Resource Development is excited to have Dr. Erin Richard on board as we continue our mission of developing the next generation of change-makers.

About Dr. Erin Richard

Dr. Erin Richard holds a Ph.D. in Industrial and Organizational Psychology from LSU. Before joining the SLHRD faculty in August of 2018, she served 13 years on the faculty at Florida Institute of Technology in Melbourne, FL. Her research focuses on the antecedents and consequences of employee affect (mood and emotion) and the regulation of affect in organizations. Most recently, she began a program of research examining the role of the leader in managing follower emotional reactions to work events.

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