LHRD Welcomes New Faculty Member, Dr. Shinhee Jeong




Dr. Shinhee Jeong Eddy Perez (LSU)

Baton Rouge – Dr. Shinhee Jeong is the second of the three newest faculty members joining the School of Leadership and Human Resource Development (SLHRD). Dr. Jeong joined our School this past August after receiving her Ph.D. from Texas A&M University (TAMU) in Human Resource Development. Her specific areas of research revolve around leadership, interpersonal/social relationships, informal learning, and organizational knowledge creation.

Dr. Jeong’s most recent research focuses on how to effectively share knowledge in the workplace. For the study published in the Human Resource Development Quarterly (HRDQ), she tested the measurement invariance of the Knowledge Creation Practice Instrument across different occupational groups and confirmed its validity. For another article published in HRDR, she reviewed and synthesized the workplace informal learning literature. Based on the synthesis, Dr. Jeong proposed a conceptual framework for understanding informal learning activities in three dimensions (i.e., learning competence, intentionality, and developmental relatedness). 

“In general, I believe any individuals or organizations interested in promoting organizational performance can take advantage of my research! In particular, my research targets HR practitioners and organizational leaders in a rapidly changing and complex, global environment. Ultimately, employees will benefit most from the findings of my research.”

Dr. Jeong has also been selected as a recipient for the Emerald Literati Award in 2018 for her article “The Moderating Role of Non-Controlling Supervision and Organizational Learning Culture on Employee Creativity”, which was published in the European Journal of Training and Development. She has received the Cutting-Edge Award at the 2018 AHRD Conference. She has also received awards including the Distinguished Honor Graduate Award and the Human Resource Development Graduate Achievement Award at TAMU.

Regarding LSU academia, Dr. Jeong is most looking forward to the research.

”I love research. I look forward to conducting fun, rigorous, and unique research with my colleagues. I know all of my colleagues are passionate, committed, and engaged in their jobs as professors at a research institute, so I strongly look forward to being involved in studies that serve and make an impact on the various LSU communities.”

When asked about her life outside academia, she expressed the need to balance work and her personal life.

“As a mother of an 11-month-old son, my biggest interest outside of academia is learning how to be a good mother and how to manage my time as a working mother.”

The School of Leadership and Human Resource Development is excited to have Dr. Shinhee Jeong on board as we continue our mission of developing the next generation of change-makers.

Please look forward to introductions of our other new faculty member, Dr. Erin Richard, in the coming week.

About Dr. Shinhee Jeong

Dr. Shinhee Jeong received her PhD from Texas A&M University (TAMU) in Human Resource Development. Her focal scholarly interest is how to effectively share tacit/explicit knowledge and create new knowledge in the workplace. Her specific areas of research revolve around leadership, interpersonal/social relationships, informal learning, and organizational knowledge creation. Additionally, she has a strong background in quantitative methodology including measurement validation and multi-level/multi-group analyses.

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