Dr. Edward Gibbons Appointed New LHRD Instructor

Dr. Edward Gibbons

Dr. Edward Gibbons, Instructor for SLHRD Photo by: Eddy Perez


Baton Rouge - The School of Leadership and Human Resource Development (SLHRD) is proud to announce the selection of the Instructor for the LHRD Undergraduate program, Dr. Edward Gibbons.

Dr. Gibbons brings with him over 15 years of experience in operations management, performance and process improvement, and workforce development in the fields of organizational development consulting and executive coaching. He earned his MBA from Tulane University and, during his service as a Graduate Assistant in SLHRD, earned his Ph.D. in Leadership and Human Resource Development from LSU. This unique blend of industry experience and academic success provides him with an innovative view on teaching; sharing this plentiful amount of knowledge and unique views with his students.

Outside of Academia, Dr. Gibbons, through his consulting efforts, accomplished a complete turn-around of a Baton Rouge based electric company. He also served six years in the U.S. Marine Corps.

When asked what the key to his success was, Dr. Gibbons replied, “Networking, networking, networking”. His real world experience has taught him that there is nothing more useful than maintaining a healthy network of people that offer expertise in many different areas. The networks he has developed while at LSU and other institutions were vital to his success and hopes that his students take advantage of SLHRD’s many networking opportunities and tools. His goal is to have his students leave the classroom with both applied and theoretical skills.

“I send my students on networking interviews.”

Dr. Gibbons believes that theses assignments offer students a safe place to begin learning the value of a healthy business network and a push to start honing their skills as it is never too soon to start building a solid network.

“Professors would let me write chapters of my dissertation as final projects. They were really good at working with me to complete my degree.”

Regarding his thoughts on earning his Ph.D. through SLHRD, Dr. Gibbons explains that he felt the faculty truly wanted him to succeed both as a student and now as a faculty member. He believes LSU really create a family environment and imparts top-notch research skills. These experiences is what he owes part of his academic and professional success to.

“It takes more than technical competence alone to make a business successful.”

The skills he learned from earning his degree at LSU will conjugate well with his other degrees. He believes that it is important to know how to run the technical side of a business, such as finance, operations, and accounting, but it is equally important to know how to manage people. Dr. Gibbons said that no matter what industry, from construction to medical, the principal reason industries loose talented workers is because they do not know how to lead their people. This means that no matter what field students are interested in pursuing, SLHRD has something to benefit them; whether they take a few classes or choose a leadership degree program. As such, he hopes to be an instrumental part in their success.


Dr. Gibbons hopes to prepare students for both work in the private sector and academic careers. He believes that is what is so great about the field of leadership. There are so many opportunities available to students and he wants to give them the tools to take advantage of all that they can.



About Dr. Edward Gibbons

Dr. Gibbons is turn-around executive and executive coach with over 15 years of experience in operations management, performance & process improvement, and workforce development. He has worked in both the public sector and higher education. He received a bachelor's degree from The Ohio State University in 2005 and graduated with an MBA from Tulane University in 2011 where he briefly studied abroad in Shanghai, China. In 2016 he graduated with a Master of Science and Ph.D. in Leadership and Human Resource Development from Louisiana State University.

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