Contact Information & Questions 

Program Contacts

Dr. Sunyoung Park
B.S. in LHRD

Dr. Reid Bates
M.S. in LHRD

Dr. Tracey Rizzuto
Ph.D. in LHRD

Dr. Petra A. Robinson
Online M.S. in LHRD
Dr. Tyree Mitchell
Leadership Development minor
Dr. Jody Hammett
Intersession Instructor


Point of contact for admissions and student services for MS and Ph.D. students:
Melissa Turnage 
Academic Program Specialist

Faculty and Staff Listing

Name Title Phone Email Location
Reid Bates
Director, SLHRD
225-578-2457 298A Coates Hall
Leslie Blanchard
Director, LDI
Adjunct Faculty
225-578-3806 298C Coates Hall
Michelle Boullion Adjunct Faculty 225-578-0089 3019 Business Complex East
Michael Burnett Adjunct Faculty 225-578-2362 134 Martin Woodin Hall
Oliver Crocco Assistant Professor 225-578-5751 290 Coates Hall
Kristie Galy Adjunct Faculty      
Edward Gibbons Instructor 504-312-1029 287 Coates Hall
Jody Hammett Adjunct Faculty  
J.P. Hatala
Associate Professor of
Professional Practice  
Ed Holton Emeritus Faculty  
Shinhee Jeong Assistant Professor 225-578-4465 283 Coates Hall
Joe Kotrlik Emeritus Faculty  
Tyree Mitchell Assistant Professor 225-578-7362 286 Coates Hall
Sunyoung Park Assistant Professor 225-578-7844 291 Coates Hall
Jeffery Portier Manager of Fiscal Affairs 225-578-5750 298B Coates Hall
Erin Richard Assistant Professor 225-578-1453 279 Coates Hall
William Richardson Adjunct Faculty 225-578-2362 106 Martin D. Hall
Tracey Rizzuto
Associate Director
225-578-2453 257 Coates Hall
Petra A. Robinson Associate Professor 225-578-5753 294 Coates Hall
Melissa Turnage Academic Program Specialist 225-578-5748 298 Coates Hall
Satish Verma Emeritus Faculty  


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For specific directions to the School of Leadership & Human Resource Development Office:

When you reach Coates Hall, enter the side of Coates Hall that faces the LSU Union. Walk straight forward to the first hall, take a left, and you will see an elevator on your right-hand side. Take the elevator to the 2nd floor. When you step out of the elevator on the 2nd floor, take a left and walk to the last door on your right.

Office Contact Information

298 Coates Hall
Baton Rouge, LA 70803 

Phone: 225-578-5748
Fax: 225-578-5755