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Quality of Life Lecture Series

Past Lectures


Gender Equity in the Workplace


Photo of Dr. Sawyer

Dr. Sawyer, associate professor in the department of psychology at Villanova University, spoke on the benefits of gender equity in the workplace and an inclusive leadership style.


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Race & Social Issues in America


Photo of Dr. Davis

Larry E. Davis, Dean of the School of Social Work at the University of Pittsburgh, spoke on race and social problems facing Louisiana and the United States.


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Designing an Early Infant Obesity Prevention System


Photo of Dr. Ulrich

Dr. Ulrich, Professor of Health & Fitness and Movement Science at the University of Michigan, addressed issues of obesity and summarizes the results of several funded early motor intervention studies designed to improve health and functioning in infants with Down syndrome.


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Finding Work-Life Balance: Are You Really That Off-Kilter?


Photo of Dr. Matthews


Dr. Matthews shared secrets to maintaining the work-life balance. With more than ten years of practical experience consulting with regional and national organizations, city municipalities, and various government agencies, Dr. Matthews works with organizational stakeholders to identify and implement solutions in order to make meaningful contributions to improve employee quality of life.


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