Courses & Curricula

Reviews departmental course, concentration, and curriculum proposals at both the undergraduate and graduate levels, approves and forwards each of these to the Dean or returns it to the submitting department for clarification/revision, and advises the Dean and the departments on curricular matters. The committee is also responsible for assuring that the curriculum meets or exceeds all appropriate accreditation criteria, including collaborating with other committees and task forces to insure that issues related to multicultural education and technology are integrated throughout the curriculum. Makes recommendations based on findings and submits annual report (Spring) to the Dean. (Meets monthly or as needed)

Jackie Bach, Dean’s Office (2017-2018 thru 2018-2019) | CHAIR

Amanda Benson, SOK (2016-2017 thru 2017-2018)

Margaret-Mary Sulentic Dowell SOE (2016-2017 thru 2017-2018)

Tao Jin, SLIS (2016-2017 thru 2017-2018)

Michelle Livermore, SSW (2017-2018 thru 2018-2019)

Tyree Mitchell, SLHRD (2017-2018 thru 2018-2019)

Lisa Newman, Student Services (2016-2017 thru 2017-2018)

Staff Support:  Casey Bennett